Kakamega: Cla*s 8 leaver c*mmits s*****e after mother asked her to clean c*mpound

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On Tue, 13 Jul, 2021 20:51 | < 1 min read
Police probe murder of truck d river killed along Thika road.
Police probe murder of truck d river killed along Thika road. PHOTO/Internet

Shock and disbelief has gripped residents of Musembe village, Shinyalu constituency in Kakamega after a 15-year-old class eight leaver committed suicide.

Adelaide Amakhugu, the mother of the deceased said her daughter killed herself by taking an insecticide used on livestock over a disagreement.

According to Amakhugu, she asked her daughter to help with cleaning of the compound, a move which infuriated the teenager.

“I was picking dirt from the compound but when I asked her to help with the cleaning, she threw tantrums saying that I was foolish like her father, something that made me angry," Amakhugu said.

The mother then picked up a stick and punished her daughter who run to the house and locked herself inside.

“She ran to the house and locked herself in before drinking the insecticide. When we forced ourselves into the house she jumped through the window and ran into a maize plantation forcing me to call my neighbors and two police officers for help in looking for her,” the mother said.

When the teenager was later found, police asked her if consumed the insecticide, the deceased said that she only licked a small portion which she spit due to the bitterness of the solution.

Amakhungu told K24 Digital that they tried to give her daughter milk to induce vomiting but all was in vain.

“She started convulsing and we rushed her to Kakamega General Hospital. I even called her father and when he arrived our daughter was already dead,” the mother said.

Relatives eulogised the girl as a humble learner and they are surprised that she took her own life.