Kabeabea blames opponent as his 3 aides go missing

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On Mon, 8 Aug, 2022 14:24 | 2 mins read
Tigania East Member of Parliament Gichunge Kabeabea. PHOTO/Courtesy

The burning of the car belonging to Tigania East Member of Parliament (MP) Gichunge Kabeabea on Saturday, August 9 continues to fuel tension in the region after his three aides are reported missing.

The legislator blamed his closet opponent, East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Mpuru Aburi, and his son Rodgers Kipembe, for allegedly hiring goons to torch his vehicle and abduct his three supporters.

His official Toyota Prado was burnt into ashes by unknown people at Thiiti Bridge on Mikinduri-Kunati road at around 10 pm.

Mpuru, who is seeking to unseat Kabeabea, has distanced himself from the allegation accusing the legislator of trying to seek sympathy votes ahead of tomorrow's election.

“I am calling on police officers to take this matter seriously and investigate Kabeabea because the allegations are very inciteful and he wants to bring chaos ahead of the election when we all know he is the one who masterminded the burning of his vehicle to seek sympathy votes," Mpuru said.

Youths storm Kabeabea rally

Tigania East Member of Parliament Gichunge Kabeabea's that was torched. PHOTO/Courtesy

While addressing the media, Kabeabea claimed that on Friday, August 5 while holding a rally at Athwana a few metres from where his vehicle was torched, a group of youths said to be supporters of Mpuru stormed the meeting and pelted stones at them forcing them to end the meeting in disarray and ran for safety.

“My opponent Mpuru is doing everything ugly to ensure he wins the election. After burning my car, his son in the company of other people who claimed to be police officers followed my three aids Moses Karani, Kizito Muketha, and William Karithi Ruto and abducted them at gunpoint in Meru town on Sunday afternoon, and up to now, they can not be traced because their mobile phones are off. We need them back alive,” Kabeabea said.

Rodgers trashed the MP's allegations saying he was not behind the alleged kidnapping.

“I am telling Kabeabea to stop dragging my name on unfounded claims. We know he is lying to seek sympathy from the electorate after sensing defeat.

"I did not kidnap anybody nor burn his car. What he is doing is he is trying to incite people a move that can fuel chaos when we are a few hours to the election,” Rodgers said.

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