K24 TV unveils new look, sets sights on younger audience with new shows

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On Fri, 23 Aug, 2019 19:25 | 2 mins read
K24 relaunch

The long-awaited new face of Mediamax’s flagship station, K24, is finally here.

In a bid to respond to market changes and changing audience needs, Mediamax has repositioned K24 TV to appeal to a younger generation that demands authentic, local and real-time content.

The new look is refreshing and captivating. Viewers are also set to enjoy informative, stimulating and entertaining content, delivered on all platforms beyond Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

“K24 relaunch is a strategic response to the market needs in a disruptive digital era that requires injection of creative execution and delivering content on demand to a younger and sophisticated audience. Our goal is to deliver content in real time, shift from traditional programming style and push more videos,” said Mediamax acting Chief Executive Officer Ken Ngaruiya during the launch on Friday.

With a line-up of new authoritative current affairs show and a slew of captivating programmes that reflect on content diversity, Mr Ngaruiya said K24 is poised to change the Kenyan media landscape.

Weekend News Revamped

Keen on growth and tapping a younger demographic –youth between 18 and 35 — Mediamax has revamped the weekend news shows, bringing on board Ms Betty Kyalo and Ms Anne Kiguta.

Their shows, Weekend with Betty and Punchline News, have already resonated well with audiences, increasing K24’s viewership and consistently trending every weekend.

“This new look marks a revolutionary change in our culture and reflects a twenty-first-century and sparkling channel with diverse and highly appealing content,” said Mediamax’s Group Head of TV and Digital, Mr Peter Opondo.

New programming content

The new programming content added to the channel’s repertoire highlights a desire for a strong African identity built on local and regional content, with Kenyan and Bongo movies, relationship show Tujuane X, Nairobi Diaries, Rhumba and Reggae Reloaded.

But in one of the greatest strategic masterstrokes, K24 audience is set to enjoy watching the popular English Premier League on Saturdays, a relief for many viewers who have to part with money for subscription or visiting entertainment joints.

K24’s morning show Switch Mix has also been renamed Inuka/Devotion.

The channel also runs programmes, including Daily Brief, Inside Business, K24 News Cut, Sports Hub, Mashinani, Jus Kids/Classic Cartoons, Beat Box, Unique Love, and The Secretary.

‘Revolutionary stand’

And in tune with Mediamax’s goal to leave a thumbprint in the world of Kenyan media, the morning breakfast show has been renamed K24 This Morning and is set to feature more authoritative voices for increased engagement and resonance with the audience.

Mr Opondo said K24 is taking a revolutionary stand in its approach to broadcasting as it eyes becoming the station of choice in Kenya.

Mediamax is already reaping dividends from its expansion into digital platforms after unveiling a new website, www.k24tv.co.ke, which rose in a span of two months from oblivion to top 10 news websites in Kenya, according to Alexa, a global website ranking tool.

 The website currently is at position 15, with the top ranks dominated by global giants such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Facebook.

Besides K24, the Mediamax stable also includes People Daily newspaper and vernacular stations namely: Kameme TV, Kameme FM, Emoo Fm, Mayian FM, Meru FM and Msenangu FM.

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