K24 to bring the thrills of 2023 Safari 7s live to your screens

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On Fri, 17 Nov, 2023 15:59 | 3 mins read
K24 live stream among platforms set to air Safari 7s action. PHOTO/K24 TV
K24 live stream among platforms set to air Safari 7s action. PHOTO/K24 TV

Rugby enthusiasts are in for an exciting treat with live coverage of the 2023 Safari 7s on K24 platforms throughout the weekend, starting Saturday and Sunday.

For those unable to make it to RFUEA Grounds along Ngong Road, the action can be enjoyed from the comfort of their homes through K24TV, K24TV live stream, and K24Plus.

Safari 7s on K24 TV

Similar to the 2021 edition, all the thrilling two-day rugby action will be broadcast live on these platforms, featuring a total of 24 matches scheduled for Saturday and 19 matches on Sunday, marking the culmination of the tournament.

K24 TV among platforms set to air Safari 7s action. PHOTO/K24 TV
K24 TV is among the platforms set to air Safari 7s action. PHOTO/K24 TV

The fast-paced and electrifying nature of the shorter version of the game ensures an engaging spectacle that will keep fans glued to their screens.

Kenya is poised to field several teams, including defending champions Shujaa, 2021 second runners-up Morans, as well as Kenya Lionesses and Cubs for the women's edition. National 7s Champions KCB will represent the clubs following their victory in the National 7s campaign.

Among the participating teams are 2021 finalists Germany, alongside former Champions Samurai, Red Wailers, Uganda, SA All Stars, Tropic 7s, and Western Province Select, promising an unmissable display of rugby prowess.

Safari 7s action expected on K24

Shujaa take centre stage in Pool A, joined by Red Wailers, Uganda, SA All Stars, and Tropic 7s, while Germany lead Pool B, featuring Morans, Samurai, KCB, and Western Province Select

K24 plus among platforms set to air Safari 7s action. PHOTO/K24 TV
K24 plus among platforms set to air Safari 7s action. PHOTO/K24 TV

Safari 7s Men’s Competition
Pool A: Shujaa, Red Wailers, Uganda, SA All Stars, Tropic 7s
Pool B: Germany, Morans, Samurai, KCB, Western Province Select
Women: Lionesses, Uganda, TUKS 7s, Cubs, Tropic 7s

Day One Order of Play | Saturday, November 18, 2023

Women: Uganda v Tropic 7s | 8:30 a.m
Women: Lionesses v TUKS 7s | 8:52 a.m
Men:Red Wailers v Tropic 7s | 9:14 a.m
Men:Uganda vs SA all stars | 9:36 a.m
Men :Moran vs Western Province | 9:58 a.m
Men:samurai vs KCB |10:20 a.m
Women:Cubs vs Tuks |10:42 a.m
Women:Uganda vs Lionesses | 11:04 a.m
Men:Shujaa vs SA all stars| 11:46 a.m
Men:Red wailers vs Uganda | 12:08 p.m
Men:Germany vs KCB | 12:30 p.m
Men:Morans vs Samurai| 12:52 p.m
Women:Lionesses vs Cubs| 1:14 p.m
Women:Tuks vs Tropic 7s | 1:36 p.m
Men:Uganda vs Shujaa | 1:58 p.m
Men:SA all stars vs Tropic 7s | 2:20 p.m
Men:Samurai vs Germany| 2:42 p.m
Men:KCB vs Western Province | 3:04 p.m
Women:Tuks vs Uganda | 3:46 p.m
Women:Tropic7s vs Cubs|4:08 p.m
Men:SA All stars vs Red Wailers | 4:30 p.m
Men:Tropic 7s vs Shujaa | 4:52 p.m
Men:KCB vs Morans |5:14 p.m
Men:Western Province vs Germany| 5:36 p.m

Day Two order of play| Sunday, November 19, 2023
Men:Tropic 7s vs Uganda |10:00 a.m
Men:Shujaa vs Red Wailers |10:22 a.m
Men:Western Province vs Samurai| 10:44 a.m
Men:Germany vs Morans | 11:06 a.m
Women:Tropic 7s vs Lionesses|11:28 a.m
Women:Cubs vs Uganda| 11:50 a.m

Men Cup semis : 1st pool B vs 2nd pool A |12:12 p.m
Men Cup semis :1st pool A VS 2nd pool B |12:34 p.m

Men 5th Semis :3rd pool B vs 4th pool A |12:56 p.m
Men 5th semis:3rd pool A vs 4th pool B|1:18 p.m

Women semis:1st WA vs 4th WA |1:40 p.m
Women semis :2nd WA vs 3rd WA |2:02 p.m

Men 9th and 10th:5th pool A vs loser 34|2:44 p.m

Men 7th and 8th:Loser 33 vs Winner 32 |3:06 p.m

Mens 5th Final :Winner 33 vs Winner 34|3:28 p.m

Women 3rd and 4th :Loser 35 vs Loser 36 |3:50 p.m

Mens 3rd and 4th: Loser 31 vs Loser 32|4:12 p.m

Womens final :Winner 35 vs winner 36|4:37 p.m

Main Final:Winner 31 vs Winner 32 | 5:02 p.m

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