Jubilee govt has saved Kenyans over Ksh4B – Magoha says as he calls out corrupt officers

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On Fri, 5 Aug, 2022 18:31 | < 1 min read
Jubilee government has saved Kenyans over Ksh4 billion – Magoha says as he calls out corrupt officers
The late Prof. George Magoha speaking at a past event. PHOTO/Viola Kosome

The Jubilee administration has saved Kenyans a loss of over Ksh4 billion in the construction of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms that is ongoing across the country, Education Cabinet secretary George Magoha says.

Speaking in Gatundu while commissioning a CBC classroom, the CS revealed that the government has managed to save at least Ksh4,260,000,000 in the construction of 10,000 classrooms to accommodate CBC learners.

In his explainer, Magoha says unlike in the past where the construction of a class would cost taxpayers Ksh1.2 million shillings, CBC classrooms are only built using Ksh798,000 saving Kenyans Ksh426,000 per classroom.

This, he said is money that would have otherwise gone into people’s pockets but is now being prudently used elsewhere to better the social-economic livelihood of Kenyans.

Magoha who sought forgiveness from persons he may have wronged during his term of service further reiterated that the country has been losing over Ksh2 billion daily to fraudsters.

“For all those that I have wronged because of my style of management, which is mine anyway, they can forgive me but otherwise, I have to confirm that what has to be done is done. We lose more than Ksh2 billion daily and from CBC alone, we have saved Ksh426,000 per classroom,” he said.

“In my time of service, I have wronged so many people for blocking quite a number of channels which were previously used to siphon government money which looked as normal but that is water under the bridge,”

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