Jimmy Gait says main reason people are mistreated in the Middle East is because of indiscipline

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 13 Aug, 2021 09:33 | 2 mins read
Singer Jimmy Gait today during an interview with K24 Hangout Friday. PHOTO/K24TV
Singer Jimmy Gait today during an interview with K24 Hangout Friday. PHOTO/K24TV

Cases of mistreatment and sometimes death among Kenyans living and working in the Middle East have been on the rise leaving their families in agony and with so many questions.

While most are still hopeful of greener pastures in the UAE, there is an endless need for information and confrontation with the reality of what really leads to these cases.

Today, Kenyan gospel artist Jimmy Gait during an interview with K24 TV shared his perspective about what really leads to these unfortunate scenarios.

Jimmy who runs an agency to facilitate locating jobs for people outside the country firmly stated that most of these victims are mistreated due to 'indiscipline'

"Number one reason is indiscipline. These ladies go stealing from the Arabs and some even sleeping with other people's husbands," Jimmy Gait said.

This, he said while noting that he would encourage everyone interested to go for the readily available jobs.

"Before I started this initiative, I had the same mentality. I would encourage anyone who would like to go there to go. There's always a story behind a story but when these ladies come out and speak about their mistreatment, you don't get to hear why," he stated.

He continued to say while so many people travel there and prosper, only a small fraction of them face ill-treatment.

These are majorly women because for men it is quite rare which according to the controversial artist is because they are 'more sexually responsible'

"Very small fraction comes out with those horrific narratives but the stories spread so fast because they are shared online."

He continued;

"There are so many Kenyan men working in the Middle East in Saudi, Qatar, Dubai the reason you don’t hear about men being mistreated is that they do not go sleeping with their bosses wives."

Jimmy who has faced massive public brutality especially online concluded by saying that another main reason some of these ladies are mishandled is because of their choice of agencies since some cut corners and fail to follow the government's protocols.