‘I’ve always endeavoured to be fully tax-compliant’ – Ruto

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On Fri, 26 May, 2023 11:12 | < 1 min read
President William Ruto when he filed his tax returns at KRA headquarters on Friday, May 26, 2023. PHOTO/PCS

President William Ruto now says he has always ensured that he is fully tax-compliant and remitted all taxes due to the government in full and on time.

Speaking at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) headquarters on Friday, May 26, the President said it is the duty of every Kenyan citizen to pay their share of taxes to enable the government to provide essential public services.

"I am here today to undertake a very important personal obligation, which I believe, by virtue of the office I hold, ought to be made visible to all Kenyans as a signal of my commitment to fulfil my duties as a citizen, as a leader, and as President.

"Let me state for the record that I have always endeavoured to be fully tax-compliant and to remit all my taxes due to the government in full and on time. This exercise is not a mere dramatisation or other empty public performance," he said.

Ruto on tax payment

The President further said paying taxes is the only way to lay the foundation for the pursuit and achievement of economic growth, sustainable development, and shared prosperity.

"Our taxes build our roads and the entire national transport network, build and run hospitals, schools, courts of law and provide defence and national security services. They also finance social safety nets for the vulnerable.

"Kenyans cannot afford all these services on their own and the very few who can afford some, pay a very high price per unit. Public goods demonstrate the advantages of living in a community, and paying taxes enables us to finance the provision of these services," he stated.

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