It is John Mbugua, not Edward Mbugua – Deputy IG clarifies wife-snatching allegations

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On Wed, 3 Nov, 2021 13:40 | 2 mins read

Deputy Inspector General of Police Edward Mbugua has come out to clarify an allegation by a junior police officer who claimed on camera that the DIG stole his wife.

Wycliffe Ombede who has been charged with threatening to kill his ex-wife whom he identified as Grace and her current husband had claimed that the police boss was the man in the love triangle.

Ombede claimed he received a call from a man who introduced himself as his boss, DIG Edward Mbugua, and told him to keep away from his wife or suffer dire consequences.

“The man who took my wife called me and introduced himself as my boss then further revealed that he is the Deputy Inspector General of Police. I didn’t believe it because I did not expect someone of Mbugua’s calibre to threaten his junior as he did,” Ombede said.

He said that the caller went ahead and threatened him that he should stop calling his ex-wife forthwith or face serious consequences.

“I’m calling to let you know that the girlfriend of yours is now my wife and you should keep off from her,” Ombede reported.

But the DIG has come out to set the record straight. He says they are aware of a case where an officer called John Mbugua is now married to a woman who was previously dating the junior cop Wycliffe Ombede.

He says it was unfortunate that Wycliffe confused the identities and the media picked it as it is.

“The girl met with a young officer working with KRA, by the name of John Mbugua. They are staying together as wife now, not the way my officer and that woman were cohabiting because they were not legally married.

“The woman is legally married to a KRA officer by the name of John Mbugua, not Edward Mbugua

“How do you think my wife and children are feeling when they hear that their dad is involved? It has pained me. But naambiwa nawachie Mungu,” the DIG said.

Mbugua also took the opportunity to ask journalists and media at large to dig deeper into stories before reporting.

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