Isaac Mwaura condemns Babu Owino for hiding Sankok’s crutches, claims he also ridiculed Tim Wanyonyi’s disability

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 23 Dec, 2021 14:34 | < 1 min read
Isaac Mwaura
Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura.

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura now claims that Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has a habit of mocking leaders and persons living with disabilities for their conditions.

Mwaura's revelation was prompted by a dramatic occurrence in parliament yesterday after Babu Owino admitted to hiding the crutches of nominated MP David Sankok.

According to Mwaura, Babu's action to hide Sankok's crutches mounted to a mockery of people living with disabilities.

"I wish to strongly condemn Babu Owino for humiliating our brother Hon David Ole Sankok by taking his crutches from him yesterday in Parliament during the heated debate on the political parties amendment bill alleging that he ‘didn’t need his legs’ while in parliament," Mwaura said.

Mwaura claimed that Babu has a bad attitude towards physically challenged people and has continuously been attacking them within and without the Parliament.

"In 2016 when he attempted to run for the Westlands Parliamentary seat, he again attacked Hon Tim Wanyonyi claiming that he uses a wheelchair that acts as both a ‘toilet’ and ‘refrigerator’!! He has also taken issue with me and other legislators as well on account of appearance to settle political scores," he added.

The nominated senator said that Babu's actions must be condemned to the latter or else mockery of the disabled people might be normalized and made part and parcel of the country's culture.

"Kenyans should weigh in on the calibre of leaders that they elect into office," he added.