Irate parents storm school, eject headteacher over poor management

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 13 Jul, 2021 20:07 | 2 mins read

Educational activities at Nandika Primary School in Bumula sub-county, Bungoma county came to a standstill after angry parents stormed the school to eject the school head for bad management.

The angry parents claim that the school headteacher Ndamwe Wamalwa has been a stumbling block in the development of the school including financial mismanagement.

“This school head has been a pain to this school. He does not respect the rule of law leading to the deterioration of our school.”

The parents have also said that the said school head was blocking the expansion of the school for reasons only known to him.

“We wanted to expand the school to have a secondary section but Ndamwe blocked the move saying that we did not have enough land for the expansion yet our children are suffering after completing the primary school.”

They also have claimed that he has led to deplorable conditions in the school including lack of some of the most essential amenities.

“Look, this school does not have enough latrines with those that are there being in bad state leading to a health hazard among the pupils.”

They have vowed to keep the school headteacher out of the school until the ministry of education sends another teacher to the school.

“Look at the school infrastructure, he has not added any other building since he was deployed to this school several years ago. we will not allow him to come back to this school let the ministry of education send us another headteacher to head this school.”

On his part, the besieged school headteacher said that the move by the parents was uncalled for adding that the parents could have explored other means including a meeting with him before taking such drastic measures.

“Closing my office doesn’t solve the situation. They should have employed dialogue for the benefit of all as they stand to lose much in the standoff,” the defiant Ndamwe said.

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