Interesting story of 115-year-old statue that looks like Jesus Christ’s mother Mary in Nairobi’s Jevanjee Gardens

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On Mon, 4 Oct, 2021 10:41 | < 1 min read
The statue of Queen Victoria of Britain

If you have been to Jevanjee Gardens in Nairobi CBD ,you must have seen a statue with image like that of the Mary mother of Jesus Christ.

The 115-year-old historical statue is often mistaken for the biblical Mary, but that is not the case.

 The statue is that of Queen Victoria of Britain and it was the first monument to be unveiled in Nairobi city in 1906 after she died in June 1837.

One of the first Indians to settle in Kenya Alibhai Mulla Jevanjee had the monument made to honour the Queen, also called the Empress of India and British government for the business dealings he got from them.

Jevanjee used to run a shipping company that received commissions from the colonial government to extend his business in India to Mombasa.

He donated the prime space in the city centre-Jevanjee gardens-and instructed that the monument be placed there.

When it was unveiled on March 17, 1906 by the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, Kenyans swept the dusty streets and lined up from Nairobi Railways Station to Jevanjee gardens to celebrate and witness the event.

“Streets were thronged with enthusiastic crowds, and line on either side by Masai warriors who gave a most picturesque effect to the whole scene. Game trophies lined untarmacked streets then drenched with water" a local daily described the event.

After Kenya attained independence, many statues were knocked down.

They include that of King George V and a plaque honouring King George V outside Nairobi law courts, the Delamere statue outside Stanley Hotel but this one of Queen Victoria was left intact.

It has since been rehabilitated and now is protected under The National Museums and Heritage Act.