I’m ready to sleep hungry as long as Uhuru’s 10 turkeys eat – Kilifi woman

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On Tue, 2 Aug, 2022 15:27 | 2 mins read
Turkeys feeding.
Turkeys feeding. PHOTO/leethefarmer.blogspot

A woman in Kilifi has gifted President Uhuru Kenyatta 10 turkeys worth Ksh100,000 as a token of appreciation for tarmacking the Mariakani-Bamba road in Kilifi county.

Speaking during an interview with K24 TV, the woman identified as Ms Lilian Kali expressed that she was grateful to President Uhuru Kenyatta for the road project.

She added that she had previously pledged to gift whoever will construct the Bamba-Mariakani road as a way of appreciating them for the kindness they have shown.

"I was doing charcoal business to get money. Out of the sale of 50 bags. I made enough money to buy the small turkeys which I started to rear. I told God to protect the turkeys so that I could give my gift to the president for the road project," Kali stated.

While appreciating the head of state for a job well done, Kali recounted how she lost her mother as they were rushing her to a health facility for treatment.

In the incident, she was forced to carry her sick mother to the hospital for three days so as to access health clinic.

"We rushed my mother to Bamba Health Centre but she did not get treatment, forcing us to go to Mariakani Health Centre. But on our way, it started raining heavily and the vehicle got stuck,

"It took us three days walking to the hospital while carrying my sick mother. But she was weak and died before receiving treatment." she recounted.

Her woes got deeper after they were forced to return home with their mother's dead body since the hospital they arrived at did not offer mortuary services.

"We started trekking and mourning as carried our dead mother on the muddy and bumpy road, it took us four days to get back home, the body had began decomposing and no one wanted to move closer to her," Kali narrated.

Kali further recalls that she had to raise the turkeys for three years so as to gift them to the head of state.

She also intimated that she has tried everything in her power to please the president through composing poems, songs and even messages, but the president has never received them.

"I have never seen someone who is as generous as our president, my father and grandfather have never seen the roads reconstructed,"

"I am ready to sleep hungry but Uhuru's turkeys eat, even if it is tomorrow I just want my president to come and pick the gift,"she stated.

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