IG Mutyambai tells women who have accused twin brothers Eddie, Paul Ndichu of assaulting them for allegedly turning down their sexual advances to report to police

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 18 Oct, 2021 17:25 | 2 mins read

Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has asked two women who complained on social media of being assaulted by Edward Ndichu and his twin brother Paul Ndichu to make a formal report to the police.

Mutyambai said that the duo was yet to make any report over the matter despite an amateur video making rounds on social media where the incident was allegedly captured.

Eddie and Paul Ndichu were accused of allegedly engaging in a fistfight with two ladies and a man at a hotel located along Mombasa Road.

“This incident should be reported to the nearest police station for action,” Mutyambai said.

On Monday, October 18, activist Bonface Mwangi shared details about the incident which he condemned while asking police officers to take action against the duo.

In the amateur video, the two brothers are captured fighting the said ladies and when a man tried to assist, one of the brothers was seen strangling him.

According to Mwangi, he was informed of what transpired by the sister of the victim who was also allegedly assaulted by the two brothers.

Asked what prompted the assault, the lady explained that it was all because they had turned their advances down.

“Yesterday, my sister and I were attacked by the Ndichu twins for respectfully turning them down. They threatened to shoot us and ruin our lives,” the lady told Mwangi.

“They threatened to shoot us and ruin our lives. My sister was strangled by Paul Ndichu while her boyfriend who had come to her rescue was being strangled by Eddie,” she further added.

Mwangi then shared the video and tagged the IG who then gave a quick reaction about the matter.

One of the Ndichu brothers who was dressed in a white t-shirt was also seen struggling with a car before he went back to the building.

The Ndichu brothers are known for co-founding fintech, a successful start-up that deals with digital payments.

Eddie has been the husband of media personality Janet Mbugua.

Janet who is also the founder of Inua Dada, a foundation whose aim is to empower, uphold the dignity and protect the rights of women has since reacted to the incident.

"I am saddened by increasing incidents of Gender-Based Violence. Over the last decade, I have joined my voice in efforts to #EndGBV. I condemn all forms of GBV irrespective of who is involved and will continue to speak out against it. We have laws in Kenya and justice must prevail," she tweeted.