Huyu ni yeye? Viral gospel musician Embarambamba transforms, shoots hit song in flashy car, palace

By Bosco Marita On Mon, 17 May, 2021 16:45 | 2 mins read
Gospel artist goes viral after being recorded dancing with a woman in a compromising situation. PHOTO: Courtesy.

Popular Kisii gospel artist Chris Embarambamba has finally released the official video of his already popular song Jesus is the final.

Well, if you thought the new video will be more of dangling on the cow’s back, kneeling in the mud or maybe chasing animals and people, you are dead wrong.

The new release has captured a modern music video setting whose final outcome could compete for the best video award not only in Kenya but the larger East Africa.

A scene from Embarambamba’s new video.

The new music video displays beautiful garden sceneries, a ride in a posh jeep wrangler and an indoor setting that mirrors unmatched creativity.

In a statement he shared after the release of the video, Embarambamba noted that the new video is the best he has ever done in his entire music career.

A scene in the new music video

“The best video I’ve ever done, thanks to Senator Okeng’o Nyambane,” he pinned the message at the comment section of the new video.

The controversial singer has gained traction across the country for his dramatic way of dancing in his music videos.

Dressed in his signature suit, either red or green, the dramatic singer has recorded himself severally rolling in the mud, running up and down to the dismay of many Kenyans.

Chris Embarambaba

He kept the tempo in all his music videos despite numerous criticisms from a section of Kenyans.

When invited to TV interviews, the session always turned dramatic as the artist carried with him his signature dance moves to the studio.

The new release has, however, wowed his fans with many unable to believe that he managed the whole 7-minute video without a scene of him in the mud.

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