I will hold fundraiser to reduce Kenya’s debt – Wajackoyah

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On Wed, 29 Jun, 2022 13:24 | 2 mins read
Roots presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah. PHOTO/The Loft Lounge (@loftlounge_kenya)/Instagram.
Roots presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah at the Loft Lounge. PHOTO/The Loft Lounge (@loftlounge_kenya)/Instagram.

Roots presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has dismissed manifestos by his competitors as unrealistic, insisting he has the best strategy for reviving the country's ailing economy.

In an interview on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, Wajackoyah claimed that his competitors are spreading lies with their 'grand promises'.

“This physiology of the first 100 days is all concocted in lies, and I am not going to talk about other parties because they have all told lies… I will be inheriting a debt and therefore we shall be looking at how to come out of this nonsense. We are in trouble,” Wajackoyah said in an interview with NTV.

Wajackoyah on bhang farming

He said his administration will heavily rely on bhang and snake farming to pay the country's public debt if he wins the August polls.

But before the bhang matures in the firms in his first 100 days in office, the presidential hopeful says, he might resort to holding a national fundraiser in a bid to reduce the ballooning debt.

“I might call on citizens to contribute before marijuana grows up to six months because that is the time it takes to mature. When Singapore was bankrupt, everyone gave whatever they had, even gold,” he said.

Several presidential candidates have promised to prioritise policies aimed at reducing the high cost of living if elected in August.

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has promised to reduce the prices of food in his first 100 days in office.

On his part, Wajackoyah said his administration will also prioritise the war on graft. He vowed to hang individuals convicted of corruption in the country.

He also promised to pardon individuals locked up over petty offences.

“What I can commit to during my first 100 days is releasing inmates who have been locked up for petty crimes, including marijuana dealings… there is no need to fill up prisons because they also run on State money.”

Other candidates in the presidential race are William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and David Mwaure Waihiga of Agano party.

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