Helpless Mathira residents forced to c*rry deceased relatives on shoulders

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 22 Jul, 2021 11:07 | 2 mins read
Residents forced to carry remains of deceased on shoulders. PHOTO: K24 Digital

Residents of Thuriru village in Kirimukuyu location in Mathira constituency have decried lack of proper road networks in the area which has been occasioned by encroachment.

When K24 Digital visited the village on Wednesday, we were met with shocking events of people carrying the remains of their deceased on their shoulders on their way home for burial.

According to area residents, this has been their day-to-day life and attempts to find a lasting solution is yet to bore fruits.

Many say access to emergency services like medication has been hampered due to lack of a proper road network to facilitate the same.

“We have suffered for a very long time.  When we have funerals in this village it is very difficult for us to transport the body to the homestead. We are forced to carry the remains on our backs. When one of us is sick it is even worse," Julius Wahome Ngunyi, a resident, said.

Ngunyi, who has buried at least four relatives in the past, says meetings have been held to find a lasting solution to their woes but nothing has been forthcoming to date.

He accused wealthy people in the area of thwarting attempts by the government to create road networks in the area for they fear it will pass through their parcel of lands.

"It's not that we have not tried to solve this problem. Rich families, especially those who live near the tarmac, bribe government and county officials whenever plans are underway to create road networks," he said.

Former assistant chief Kingori Wanjau says he launched several attempts to reopen road networks but his efforts were not successful.

He urged leaders to act on their mandate as they have the power to have road networks reopened in the area.

"It's pathetic that Kenyans at this age and time can have this problem. Laxity among leaders is the main cause of this problem to date,” Kingori said.