Helicopter of Christ bishop Thomas Wahome denies asking Ksh1000 to tell whether you’ll enter heaven

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 19 Feb, 2022 21:00 | 2 mins read
Helicopter of Christ Ministries' Bishop Wahome. PHOTO/COURTESY

Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helicopter of Christ Ministries has come out to set the record straight over past reports that alleged that he was charging his congregation Ksh1,000 each to check whether anyone’s name is in the book of life.

It had emerged that the flamboyant man of God made a kill years ago after he announced that he would tell people’s heavenly fate; an allegation he is now refuting.

“Send the money (Ksh1,000) and then come tomorrow at around 10:00 am in the morning. The bishop will then tell you if your name is in the book of life,” a pastor from the church had been reportedly quoted as saying.

Speaking to K24 Digital, Wahome said he was shocked by the news and suspects that he might have been misquoted during a church service. He maintains that nothing of the sort has ever happened in his church and that his mandate is to ensure that congregants have received salvation in Christ as they await His return.

“I’m a man of God and I only believe in what the Holy Bible says. There’s nowhere in the bible where pastors are given the power to tell whether anyone will enter heaven or not. The reports alleging that I asked for money to tell people’s fate in heaven are false. Even my congregants can attest to that,” Wahome told K24 Digital.

“We believe in holiness and that’s what is required of all Christians and people who believe in God. I don’t know why someone would want to link me with such utterances,” he added.

Notably, Wahome has been known for a longstanding divorce case against his estranged wife Leah Kasyoka Mueni who had demanded Ksh300,000 for upkeep but Wahome always maintained in court that he would only afford Ksh5000 for the wife and their children.

At some point, the man of God wanted the court to order that the children undergo a DNA test first, to establish their paternity.

He went ahead and remarried amidst the court processes and is now Berita Munywoki’s husband.

Wahome’s Helicopter of Christ Church which was founded in Nairobi’s Kayole estate is now located in Lang’ata area.