‘He has nothing new to offer’ – Frasha says as he blasts Eric Omondi for endorsing Jimmy Wanjigi

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 3 Sep, 2021 09:05 | 2 mins read

Famous singer Francis Amisi alias Frasha disparaged presidential hopeful Jimmy Wanjigi and went ahead to blast comedian Eric Omondi for endorsing him.

Frasha wrote on the gram saying Wanjigi has nothing new to offer and asked the youths to shun being used but instead fight for their space.

"For once I thought Eric Omondi was serious with the youth agenda only to find out that he's the president of comedy for real. The youth should stop being used and fight for their own space. We need to stand with those who have serious youth interests at heart. 

Wanjigi has nothing new to offer the youth he's in the same category as the rest of the presidential aspirants so kama yeye ndio solution ya #fagiawote2022 Sisi tutaanza na yeye . This is a new youth revolution. Will only support the youth agenda," he wrote on social media.

Wanjigi just recently declared his interest in running for the presidency and has been in the headlines following his infamous interview with a local media station.

Omondi followed up with a video that has since gone viral declaring his support for Wanjigi saying he is what the youths want.

According to Omondi, Wanjigi has the perfect understanding of what the youths want since he has a business acumen that can lead youths to prosperity.

Vijanaa tunahitaji rais mwenye anatujali. Vijanaa tunahitaji mtu fresh, sura mpya; mtu hajakua kwa ofisi. Vijanaa tunaneed rais mweye anaelewa biashara na mahitaji ya vijanaa. Vijanaa, tunahitaji Jimmy Wanjigi. Vijanaa tunaendorse Jimi Wanjigi, Eric Omondi ninaendorse Jimi Wanjigi. Eric Omondi na Jimi Wanjigi (Youths need a president who cares for them. Youths need a new leader who has not been in office before, Youths need a president who understands business and the needs youths need. Youths need Jimi Wanjigi; as Eric Omondi I am endorsing Jimi Wanjigi. Eric Omondi is with Jimi Wanjigi,” Eric Omondi said.