‘He didn’t shoot him, bullet bounced off wall and fatally hit Mama Lucy boda boda rider’

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On Tue, 18 Feb, 2020 18:29 | 2 mins read
Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital. PHOTO | FILE
Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital. PHOTO | FILE

Following the killing of a boda boda rider at Mama Lucy Hospital who had rescued a girl from drowning in Korogocho River, police have sought to explain how the unfortunate incident happened.

Nairobi Police Commander Philip Ndolo confirmed the shooting but maintained that the Administration Police officer did not intend to shoot the deceased, Daniel Mburu.

Mr Ndolo said that the AP discharged his firearm which hit a surface but rebounded off.

“The bullet ricocheted off a nearby wall, hitting the boda boda rider on the chest. First aid was immediately administered but the victim succumbed to the injuries,” Mr Ndolo told K24 Digital.

The police boss added that the officer, attached to the Critical Infrastructure Police Unit, was disarmed and that his firearm would be subjected to ballistic analysis.

“We deployed additional officers to maintain law and order at the hospital. The investigations into the fatal shooting has commenced but preliminary investigations show that the officer had not intended to kill,” Mr. Ndolo said.

Eyewitnesses said that the deceased ignored the security personnel when he rushed the rescued girl to the hospital because he thought she needed emergency medical attention.

After he ensured that the girl was attended by medics, he proceeded to go on his way and that is when the AP accosted him leading to the deadly shooting.

Eyewitnesses said the AP was angered by the deceased because he did not comply with security procedures when he entered the hospital.

Following the shooting incident, boda boda riders and youths thronged the hospital demanding answers and action against the police officer.

A contingent of General Service Unit (GSU) officers was called in to contain the situation.

The GSU officers lobbed tear gas canisters, injuring several people.

Police said the young girl who was rescued is responding well to treatment.

Ricochet deaths

In cases of ricochets, the force of the deflection decelerates the projectile, substantially reducing its force and energy.

Depending on the part of the body hit, it may not necessarily be fatal. Few cases of deaths have, however, been reported in the past.

Lawyer Katrina Dawson, 38, and one of the hostages during a 17-hour siege at Lindt Chocolat Cafe Sydney Australia on December 16, 2014, was killed by a ricochet.

An inquest into the deaths was told that Dawson died after he was hit by six fragments of a police bullet, with one striking a major blood vessel.