Hajawahi okoka! Ringtone disses Embarambamba after his ‘raunchy’ video went viral

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 26 May, 2021 06:54 | 2 mins read
Gospel artist Alex Apoko alias Ringtone attacks Embarambamba over his raunchy viral video. PHOTO: Courtesy.

Controversial gospel artist Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has come out to bash sensational Kisii colleague Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma commonly known as Embarambabmba after a video of him dancing with a woman in a compromising situation went viral.

In the backdrop of massive reactions that the video generated on social media, Ringtone has recorded a video to ostensibly defend the gospel industry from attacks.

In the footage, he shared on his social media handles, the self-christened chairman of the gospel industry dismissed reports labelling Embarambamba a gospel artist.

Ringtone says the sensational Kisii artist has never been a true christian but rather a businessman keen on earning money.

"Embarambamba hajawahi kuwa msanii wa gospel, hajawahi okoka wala kupokea yesu kama mwokozi wa maisha yake (Embarambamba has never been a born-again Christian, he has never been saved or received Jesus as the saviour of his life). He is a businessman, not a gospel artist," he said.

He further cautioned Kenyans against incriminating the whole gospel industry because of Embarambamba's viral video saying many of his colleagues are doing a good job.

Ringtone says the gospel industry is on the right track and exuded confidence that it will soon take over the music industry to the detriment of secular artists.

"Musiharibie wasanii wa gospel jina sababu kuna wengi wanafanya vizuri sana na tunataka kuinuna wasanii wa gospel juu ili wasanii wa secular warudi mahali walitoka. (Do not tarnish the name of Kenya's gospel artists because many of them are doing a commendable job and we want to push the gospel further so that secular artists can go back to their drawing board)," he said.

The reaction by Ringtone comes in the back of the buzz that Embarambamba generated for his explicit video.

A section of Kenyans questioned his morality prompting the Kenyan Films and Classification Boss Ezekiel Mutua to warn the artist.

Embarambamba on Tuesday defended himself saying the context of the dance move mirrors the content of the song.

In a 45-minute video accessed by K24 Digital, the artist urged Kenyans not to judge him harshly.

“Wakenya wamenihukumu, Wakenya wamenitusi, mafans wangu wamekasirika wanasema mimi ni shetani sijaokoka( Kenyans have judged me, they have abused me, my fans are annoyed and they now say I am not born again),” he said.

He said the song warns against sexual immorality and therefore his performance, in the raunchy video, was in tandem with the message.