Isiolo county secretary defies order by new governor requiring him to vacate office

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 30 Aug, 2022 16:22 | 2 mins read
Isiolo county secretary Ahmed Galgalo decries wrongful dismissal by Guyo
Isiolo county secretary Ahmed Galgalo. PHOTO/Brenda Gakii

Isiolo county secretary Dr Ahmed Galgalo has defied executive order by newly elected governor Abdi Guyo to vacate office saying it is unprocedural.

He has vowed to remain in the office until his contract expires or a legal procedure is followed.

Galgalo who was appointed by the immediate former governor Mohammed Kuti has served the county in this particular capacity for the last five.

Speaking to the media, the county secretary says the new governor fired him on the swearing-in day.

"The executive order from the governor that has been received in my office this morning is dated August 26, 2022, saying I have been fired and replaced with the current Chief Officer for Land Mr Yusuf Mohammed," Dr Galgalo noted.

He questions why he was fired through an executive order instead of a legal contract termination letter, which should contain a clear justification for the termination.

Galgalo further says the executive order is meant to help in the reorganization of the county structure.

He hopes that the governor will rectify and send him a contract termination letter since his contract is yet to expire.

"My contract will be expiring on October 19, 2022, and I have no intention of having it extended, all I want is that the law should be followed," he added.

He claims their differences with the governor originated from the swearing-in ceremony.

"Today when I met with the governor, he said he was dissatisfied by the way the swearing-in ceremony was conducted where he accused me of inviting the Borana council of elders to sit at VIPs designated area instead of his supporters," Galgalo claimed.

Clarifying what transpired on that day, the outgoing county secretary said the ceremony was for all the residents of Isiolo and everybody was treated equally.

He added that the accusations by the new governor are malicious and meant to taint his name.

"Besides, I was not working alone, I worked with a committee of which the county commissioner was also a member. The committee was formed according to the law and everything that was delivered on that day was according to the committee's agreement," he reiterated.

"I, therefore, will not hand over the officer unless, under clear lawful instructions requiring me to do so, the governor is an individual who is also under the law and has no power to fire another individual," he said.

Galgalo claims he was preparing for orientation of the incoming government adding that ejecting him out of the office prematurely will create gaps which will affect the running of the government consequently.