Guns stolen as Nandi cops watched Man Utd-Barcelona match recovered 2 months later

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 29 Jun, 2019 18:32 | 2 mins read

By Franklin Wallah.

Three guns, which were stolen at Kamorwon Administration Police post in Nandi South in April this year, have been recovered.

Three people were arrested early Saturday, June 29 after they were found in possession of the stolen weapons.

The suspects are: Gladys Charo, who was found in possession of the stolen G3 A3 F91879 rifle at her house in Kamagut, Eldoret; Martin Isambere, who was found with stolen firearm of serial number G3 FMP 77095029 at his residence in Musasa, Nandi South; and Stephen Njoroge, who was nabbed in possession of G3 rifle of serial number FMP 7709443 at his house in Langas.

Sources within the DCI offices confirmed the incident, saying the rifles have been kept at a Nandi South police post.

The suspects are being held in Nandi South pending arraignment.

The firearms and 60 rounds of ammunition were stolen from Kamorwon Administration Police post in Nandi South as cops on duty watched a football match in the nearby trading centre on April 16.

An unknown gang raided the police post at around 9:30pm, when they found no cop on the desk as all of them had gone to watch a UEFA Champions League quarterfinal match between Barcelona and Manchester United.

The officers returned to the police post a few minutes past midnight when they discovered that the room of the lead officer, which was being used as an armoury, had been broken into.

“On entering the house, they found the steel box [which contained the guns and ammunition] was also broken into,” read a statement by Corporal Rodgers Masiwa, who filed a report at Kobujoi Police Station at 1am on April 17.

“Three rifles: G3 FMP 77095029, G3 FMP 7709443 and G3 A3 F91879 each with a magazine of 20 rounds of ammunition of 7.62mm [were found] missing, with 17 and 20 rounds [of ammunition] left behind,” said Corporal Masiwa in his report.