Groom in River Enzui tragic accident speaks out

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 7 Dec, 2021 19:39 | 2 mins read

On Saturday, December 4, Kenyans were thrown into a sombre mood after a bus ferrying wedding-bound church choir members plunged into River Enzui in Kitui county.

The tragic incident claimed at least 30 lives; nine of whom belonged to the family of the groom and his bride.

The groom however says he does not regret holding the wedding regardless of the accident that claimed his two daughters and seven grandkids.

Speaking in an interview with a local outlet, the 75-year-old man identified as David Mutua and his wife Veronica Syombua,70, were set to renew their vows in line with their Catholic faith.

Mutua says, he organized the white wedding as a sign of embracing Christianity although the two got married back in June 1996 in a traditional wedding.

According to the Catholic doctrine, couples are expected to hold a white wedding to show commitment to their faith.

The father of seven; two sons, and five daughters noted that he resolved to follow the ways of the cross after his recovery from a deadly disease that he claimed could have killed him.

After baptism, he enrolled in Catechism, and their daughter Jane Mutua started organizing their white wedding immediately.

"I wanted to be a real Christian," Mutua said, adding that; "I was among the first persons to be baptised at Nuu Catholic Mission.

Jane Mutua was however among the two daughters who perished in the accident.

Mutua and his wife only learnt about the tragedy after the wedding preventing further plans to hold reception party.

He said that the memories of his wedding day were tainted with images of his dead kin something that took away the meaning of his life.

"It was chaotic. On seeing the bodies displayed on the river bank, most of which were of my children and grandchildren, I felt that my life was meaningless and decided to toss myself into the raging waters," he said.