Grandpa, 67, ki*ls self with mosquito net after being caught in the act with sheep

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 15 Jun, 2020 17:11 | 2 mins read

A 67-year-old man committed suicide after he was found engaging in unnatural sex with a ewe (female sheep) at Sakutiek village in Narok North Sub County.

The Narok North Sub County Police Commander Frederick Siundu told KNA that the man had sought shelter in a neighbour’s home following a heavy downpour in the area.

However, the family decided to accommodate the man in their homestead overnight as the rains continued to pound into the wee hours of the night.

“The deceased was given a room adjacent to the sheep pen where he spent the night,” said Siundu.

Siundu explained that at about 2am, the family was woken up by a commotion in the sheep pen and on beaming a spotlight, the man was found engaging in unnatural sex with a ewe.

The police boss said that the family called in their neighbours who agreed to resolve the matter in the morning.

“Since it was at night, the villagers resolved to look into the matter the following morning where an appropriate action would be taken against the old man,” explained the police boss.

But when they went back to sleep, the old man hung himself using a mosquito net in his room.

“In the morning, when the family opened the door where the elderly man had been accommodated, they were shocked to find a lifeless body dangling from a rafter,” said Siundu.

The body of the deceased was taken to Narok Referral Hospital mortuary for preservation to await a post mortem.

The police boss urged locals to be careful when inviting strangers to their homes, saying some turn out to be monsters who defile their daughters or commit other capital offences.

“Most of the defilement cases reported are cases where the culprits are well known to the children. It is important for parents to establish whom to accommodate in their homes and whom to avoid,” he said.