‘I will marry four women in addition to my current girlfriend’ – Grand P

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On Fri, 8 Dec, 2023 15:17 | < 1 min read
Grand P
Grand P says he will marry four women. PHOTO/(@GrandP)

Musician Moussa Sandiana Kaba alias Grand P has revealed that he will marry four women in addition to his current girlfriend Euxodie Yao.

Speaking during an interview with Joy Prime TV, a Ghanaian TV station, the musician noted that he will be heeding his father's advice and marrying four women.

"My father says I should marry four women and I will marry four," he said.

The host replied by asking Euxodie how she felt about that and she replied that she would call off the relationship.

Intrigued by her response, the host asked the musician if he was scared of losing his girlfriend and he said no.

When asked whether their relationship was real or clout, Euxodie interjected noting that the two have been in a relationship for four years now.

She, however, disclosed that their relationship has been on and off because of her boyfriend's infidelity which has continuously caused a dent in their union.

"Is your relationship real or just for social media and how long have you dated," the host asked.

"Our relationship is very real. We have dated since 2019, we broke up, and we came back. We broke up because he likes women too much," Euxodie replied.

When asked about the allegations, Grand P lifted his hands and refused to comment on the matter.

Grand P and Euxodie

The lovebirds reunited in June shortly after Grand P introduced his Asian girlfriend.

At the time, Grand P took to his official X account (formerly Twitter) to inform his fans. He shared a photo of himself and Euxodie and captioned it "Un amour sincère ne se termine jamais ❤️❤️ Yao eudoxie (Sincere love never ends ❤️❤️ Yao eudoxy)."

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