Governor Okoth Obado’s PA was with Sharon Otieno inside vehicle before she was found dead – court told

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On Thu, 15 Jul, 2021 11:17 | 2 mins read
Officer Willy Okoti while testifying in the ongoing Murder trial. PHOTO/SHEILA MUTUA

PC Willy Okoti attached to Mawego Police station in Homabay county while testifying in court has narrated how he recorded a statement from a reportee at Kedel Police Post where he was on duty on September 3, 2018.

"Your honour, a motor vehicle make Probox Registration number KBS532 R came to the post with two people. The driver of the vehicle alighted and came to where I was at the office" Willy said.

The driver of the Probox had told the officer that he had assisted another member of the public who did not know where Kadel Police post was and this other member of public had a report to make.

The officer who has served for 38 years told Justice Cecilia Githua that on September 3, 2018, at 9 pm, he recorded a statement from a reportee who was bleeding from the palm of his hands and knees at Kadel Police Post under Kendubay police station.

He told the court that the reportee who was shaken told him he was at a hotel in Rongo together with Sharon Otieno and while at the hotel the Personal Assistant to Governor Okoth Obado went where they were and asked them to enter a vehicle that was on standby outside the hotel.

"This other member of the public I called him and he came to the office where i was,while at the office he told me he was in Rongo at a certain hotel he was together with another lady by name Sharon Otieno and while at the hotel the personal assistant for the governor Migori County,went to were they were and asked them to enter to a vehicle which was on standby so they can change to a different hotel" Narrated P.C Willy.

The reportee told the officer was driven for about 300 metres towards Homabay before it was stopped. 

He further told him that the same Personal Assistant to the governor alighted from the vehicle and called for other two people who were beside the road.

"He further told me that while inside the vehicle, he was threatened with death for investigating allegations that the governor had impregnated Sharon Otieno.

Fearing for his life, he jumped out of a moving vehicle between and escaped, "P.C Willy added.

The officer told the court that he made the report on the occurrence book and informed Kendubay OCS to take the reportee for treatment since he was bleeding.

He added that the reportee did not give him the name of the said Personal Assistant to the Governor.

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