Governor Obado is the biological father of murdered Sharon Otieno’s unborn baby – forensic analysis

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On Wed, 14 Jul, 2021 10:37 | < 1 min read
Government Forensic Analyst John Mungai while testifying in court. PHOTO/SHEILA MUTUA

Forensic analyst John Mungai has told the court that DNA details from Sharon Otieno’s unborn baby generated from the foetus show 99.9 per cent that Governor Okoth Obado is the biological father.

“From the examination, there are over 99% chances that Okoth Obado is the biological father of the foetus. Michael Oyamo is excluded as the biological father to the foetus,” Mungai told court.

The government analyst was testifying in the ongoing murder trial against Migori Governor Okoth Obado, his Personal Assistant Michael Oyamo and Migori County Clerk Caspal Obiero for the killing of Sharon and her unborn baby.

He told justice Cecilia Githua that the trouser Sharon was wearing, the shoes and the blazer were moderately stained with blood of human origin.

“The DNA profiles from the semen of the condom, the bloodstains from jumper, stains from the pair of trousers, open shoes, the brazier and from the reference samples are stimulated and produced at the head of this report,” the analyst explained.

In conclusion, Mungai said the analysis was to determine the paternity of the foetus and to determine the origin of generic materials from the crime scene.

He further said the DNA from jumper jackets, pair of trousers, the open shoes, the vagina swamp and the blazer matched the one generated from Sharon. 

While being cross-examined by Professor Tom Ojienda Mungai, Mungai said the DNA from the condom does not belong to any of the accused person before court.

“The DNA profile from the semen from condom is of unknown male origin” said Mungai.

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