Governor Kahiga responds to TikToker who challenged him to have Java, KFC set up in Nyeri

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On Thu, 9 Feb, 2023 21:21 | 2 mins read
Governor Kahiga responds to a TikToker who challenged him to bring Java, KFC to Nyeri
Nyeri governor Mutahi Kahiga. PHOTO/Courtesy

A day after a TikTok user challenged Mutahi Kahiga to bring everything to a stop and first ensure there is a Java and KFC in Nyeri, the governor now says there is a need to put up a mall in Nyeri county.

The clip that circulated all over social media had a message to governor Kahiga, to ensure there is a Java house in Nyeri or even KFC where people can go out for a date instead of going to butcheries to eat meat and ugali.

"Governor Mutahi Kahiga, can you stop everything that you are doing including the construction of roads and first of all bring to the people of Nyeri either a Java, KFC or even Chicken inn where Nyerians can go for a date instead of going to butcheries to eat meat and ugali. Can you imagine going for Valentine's date to a butchery, eating ugali which makes one feel sleepy and you forget the flowers in the butchery?" The TikToker posed.

The TikToker identified as Mbote Njogu urged the governor to change the face of Nyeri from being a village to a classy town with modern outlets.

Governor Kahiga while responding to the TikToker assured him that during Valentine's day Nyeri men will not take their dates to the butcheries joints as there are good hotels where they can go.

"Let me assure you that on February 14, our ladies will not be taken to the butcheries for Valentine's as we have good hotels in the town and they will also be given proper flowers," Kahiga said.

Kahiga added that Nyeri county is open for such companies to start businesses in the county, stressing that they should promote the locals by buying products as they are available within the county.

"We are open to all these companies under the condition that if KFC comes to Nyeri, they will purchase potatoes from the farmers in Kieni but not from Egypt. The expensive coffee consumed from Java comes from Nyeri but the farmer cannot even afford it," he said.

He also said that once the new bus termini start operating and the matatus are moved from the town, there will be ample space to put up a mall in Nyeri town.

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