Good news for Kenyans as K24 TV set to air inaugural Bas**tball Africa League live and exclusive

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 15 May, 2021 12:29 | 2 mins read

Mediamax Network’s K24 TV has acquired exclusive rights to air the inaugural Basketball Africa League (BAL) tournament.

The much-awaited Africa's premier men's basketball league with 12 competing teams from across the continent kicks off at 5pm (Kenyan time) on Sunday, May 16, 2021 and K24 will beam every action live on your screens from Kigali Arena in Rwanda.

The inaugural competition, which was originally going to be played in March 2020 before Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, is scheduled to run till May 30, 2021.

Competing teams in the inaugural edition

Competing teams from respective countries qualified through their domestic competitions. They include Atlético Petróleos de Luanda (Angola), A.S. Douanes (Senegal), A.S. Police (Mali), Association Sportive de Salé (Moroccno), F.A.P (Cameroon), Ferroviáro de Maputo (Mozambique), G.N.B.C (Madagascar) and U.S. Monastir (Tunisia).

Others are Zamalek (Egypt), Patriots B.B.C.(Rwanda), G.S. Pétroliers (Algeria) and Rivers Hoopers (Nigeria). Kenya did not qualify for the inaugural tournament but millions of basketball fans in the country will still be treated to whole package of entertainment, thanks to K24 TV.


May 16: Patriots B.B.C. vs. Rivers Hoopers (5pm)

May 17: A.S. Douanes vs. G.S. Pétroliers (3pm)

May 17: Ferroviaro de Maputo vs. Zamalek (6:30pm)

May 17: G.N.B.C. vs. U.S. Monastir (10pm)

May 18: A.S. Police vs. Atlético Petróleos de Luanda (6:30pm)

May 18: F.A.P. vs. AS Salé (10pm)

May 19: Patriots B.B.C. vs. G.N.B.C. (3pm)

May 19: A.S. Douanes vs. Ferroviaro de Maputo (6:30pm)

May 19: G.S. Pétroliers vs. Zamalek (10pm)

May 20: Petróleos de Luanda vs. F.A.P. Atlético (3pm)

May 20: Rivers Hoopers vs. U.S. Monastir (6:30pm)

May 20: A.S. Police vs. AS Salé (10pm)

May 22: Ferroviaro de Maputo vs. G.S. Pétroliers (3pm)

May 22: Zamalek vs. A.S. Douanes (6:30pm)

May 22: U.S. Monastir vs. Patriots B.B.C. (10pm)

May 23: G.N.B.C. vs. Rivers Hoopers (3pm)

May 23: F.A.P. vs. A.S. Police (6:30pm)

May 23: AS Salé vs. Atlético Petróleos de Luanda (10pm)


May 25-26: Quarterfinals

May 28: Semifinals

May 29: Third Place

May 30: Finals