‘Remember us in your prayers’ – Kenyan-Israeli singer Gilad pleads amid Gaza w*r

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On Sun, 19 Nov, 2023 17:40 | 2 mins read
Kenyan-Israeli singer Gilad Millo. PHOTO/Gilad Millo/Facebook
Kenyan-Israeli singer Gilad Millo. PHOTO/Gilad Millo/Facebook

Kenyan-Israeli singer Gilad Millo has said the life of his family has been turned down and asked for prayers amid the ongoing war in Gaza.

Since the October 7 surprise attack by the militant group Hamas, Israel has launched an offensive on Gaza, the largest city in Palestine, in retaliation.

Gilad described the ongoing situation as one that he had never known before and called for Kenyans to remember them in prayers.

Gilad's plea

"Wakenya Wapenda, following the October 7 massacres in Israel, my life and the lives of my family and my people have been turned upside down and taken to a dark and terrible place none of us have ever experienced.

"A sadness none of us have ever known. And there is a terrible fear of living in the world right now if you are a Jew. Please feel free to share, but more importantly, remember us in your prayers when you are alone and speaking to the Most High," Gilad, a former Israeli ambassador, posted on Facebook.

Israel operation in Gaza

The Israel operation in Gaza has attracted global attention and has divided opinion right in the middle, with some condemning the Jewish state and others making their stand with Palestine known.

Gilad, while explaining how the situation is in his home country, said what matters now is the truth.

"You may have seen me trying to explain the situation in Israel on my social media platforms, as I have found many people do not know much about how things really are and there is so much disinformation," he stated.

"As an Israeli and as a Kenyan, it matters to me that you know the truth. My truth."

Mourners attend the funeral of Meni and Ayelet Godard in Kibbutz Palmachim on Israel's central coast. PHOTO/AP

While asking for prayers for his own family, the former diplomat also asked for Israel to be remembered in prayers.

"Tafadhali Pray for Israel. We need your prayers more than ever, at least more than I have known in my lifetime. I appreciate you and will continue to keep you and yours, together with all of Kenya, in my daily prayers," he concluded.

According to reports, at least 1.5 million Palestinians have been displaced from their homes amid the massive aerial and ground assault on Gaza.

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