Ghana’s dancing pallbearers reach Trump’s White House, at least digitally to ‘bury’ Biden

By Joel Muinde On Tue, 26 May, 2020 20:08 | < 1 min read
The Ghaniaan pallbearers. PHOTO | COURTESY

US President Donald Trump proves once again that he is more media savvy, if not more digitally adept, than most of his political competitors.

Trump, who relies quite overwhelmingly on his Twitter followers to scald, rebuke, torment, insult, and ridicule his opponents, has now sought to ‘bury’ his presidential election rival, Joe Biden.

And what a better tool than the Ghanaians pallbearers, who are an internet sensation during this Covid-19 season.

Biden provided Trump with the fodder to incinerate him with following his “you ain’t black” during a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club” radio show.

During the show on Friday, May 22, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee responded to a question from the show’s presenter Charlamagne tha God by saying that: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Biden later apologized for the remarks that were deemed a bit racist, blaming his “cavalier” attitude.

The Democrat received crucial support from the African American community which helped him win the 2020 primaries.

Now Trump, who is deemed by many as an outright racist, is hoping to dissuade the African American voters from the Democratic base come November when he is up for re-election.

Here is the video from Trump using the Ghanian pallbearers to ‘bury’ his opponent:

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