Ghana dancing pallbearers ‘get Kenyan manager and lawyer’ after viral memes

By K24Tv Team On Sun, 19 Apr, 2020 14:43 | < 1 min read
Ghana pallbearers
Ghanaian pallbearers in action.

If you are a social media user in Kenya, there is a very high likelihood that you have seen Ghana’s dancing pallbearers.

Their memes took the internet by storm over the last month and have been used to make people from across the world laugh.

In many of their videos, the memes make fun of the Covid-19 situation, helping millions of anxious people forget about their daily troubles.

In Ghana, the professional funeral dancers, light up moods at funerals with flamboyant dances.

But in a new twist, more of a testament of Kenyans entrepreneurial spirit, a video has emerged online revealing that the dancers have not only acquired a Kenyan manager but also a lawyer.

In Ghana, the pallbearers are increasingly getting more clients as people pay for their services to send their loved ones off in style.

Given the huge cultural importance place on funerals, the Ghanaian pallbearers may be in luck in Kenya.

But for business, they may have to wait until the coronavirus pandemic is tamed across the world.

According to the BBC, the pallbearers are ideal for any mourner who wants their loved one’s send off to be a bit more ‘upbeat.’

Some of their routines include dropping to the floor, spinning around, dancing while caskets rest on their shoulder, and once in a while, throwing the coffin in the air.

But the group’s leader, Benjamin Aidoo, told the BBC that they tailor each funeral routine to the mourner’s needs.

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