Late Kikuyu singer George Wanjaro’s mother,69, wants husband, 75, to marry younger woman for babies

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Late Kikuyu singer George Wanjaro's mother,69, wants husband, 75, to marry younger woman for babies
Late Kikuyu singer George Wanjaro's parents. PHOTO/Courtesy

Late Kikuyu Benga musician Mwalimu George Wanjaro’s mother Nancy Waithera says she has allowed her 75-year-old husband Njaro Wairatu to bear children with a younger woman to protect their generation.

The elderly couple who married nearly 50 years ago, had four sons (including popular singers George Wanjaro and Wanjaro Jnr), who unfortunately, have all died.

Mr Wairatu says he remains puzzled over how they had to bury all their four sons but his wife Waithera has a suggestion for him.

She has appealed to him to sire a child with another woman in order to comfort them.

“My husband is still active, you know, and I'm not able to sire more children. I wish he would agree to get himself a wife who will give us grandchildren to wipe away our tears,” she said.

How did the four sons die

The family first lost their second-born son, Peterson Njaro in 2004.

In 2007, their firstborn singer George Wanjaro, also a Mathematics teacher at Gaichanjiru High School in Murang’a County passed away after a short illness.

He is popular for his songs: “Kaana ka Nelly” (Nelly’s kid), Date ya Mbere” (first date),Marua ma Jacqueline” (Jacqueline’s letter), “Kaba Mathabu” (Better Mathematics) and “Uyu Muthiururukano” (this merry-go-round).

His father termed him a pillar in their life.

“This son became a very critical pillar of our life because he was too caring, respectful, enterprising … and exhibited all the signs of a man with a bright future. Silently, I knew that my toiling to educate him was not in vain,” Mr Wairatu said.

Prior to his death, he released a song to honour his mother dubbed “Guciara Kunaga Irigu” — (In context he likened giving birth to flowering which breaks the banana stalk.)

Although he did not sing for his father, he thanked their matriarch for schooling him.

“Even if I die, I will never forget you my mum and as long as I am alive, you stand guaranteed a good life courtesy of my bills,” he said in a song.

Notably, George Wanjaro allegedly had a wife Maureen Atieno and a son who now claims the extended family isolated and disinherited her after his death.

Two months after Wanjaro's death, their third-born son Francis Thuo died.

In a span of three years, the family had buried three of their sons.

Except for the singer, Waitatu said " the other two sons died as casual labourers since they did not perform well in education.”

“It was a hard time for all of us. My faith in God nearly fizzled out and I questioned Him a lot,” Ms Waithera said.

On the other hand, the loss of his three sons drove Mr Waitaty into alcoholism.

They bore it all and all was seemingly well until mid-July 2021 when they were informed that their only surviving son singer Wanjaro Jnr whose real name is Edward Irungu, had gone missing.

Three days later, his lifeless body was recovered from the Masinga dam in Embu County.

According to police, Wanjaro Jr committed suicide, however, his parents insist he was murdered.

Wanjaro Junior. 
Wanjaro Junior.

The elderly couple is left without bearing their grandkids.

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