Prosecution seeks maximum sentence for late MP George Thuo’s killers

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On Tue, 28 May, 2024 19:40 | 2 mins read
The late George Thuo. PHOTO/X (@ODPP_KE)

In a dramatic courtroom plea, the prosecution has implored the Milimani High Court to deliver the severest possible punishment to six individuals convicted in the murder case of former Juja Member of Parliament (MP) George Thuo.

Arguing before the bench, the prosecution on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, asserted that the convicted parties exhibited no remorse for their actions, thus warranting no leniency in sentencing.

The six individuals in question, identified as Paul Wanaina Boiyo (known as Sheki), Christopher Lumbazio Andika (also known as Lumba), Andrew Karanja Wainaina, Samuel Kuria Ngungi (referred to as Visi), Esther Ndinda Mulinge, and Ruth Watahi Irungu (known as Atlanta), were found guilty of the murder of George Thuo.

The harrowing incident took place at the Porkies Garden Restaurant in Thika Town, located in Kiambu County, back in 2013.

According to the prosecution's narrative, the convicted individuals conspired to fatally poison Thuo's drink with Cyhalothrine Pesticide.

During the court proceedings, the prosecution emphasized the sentiments conveyed by the victim's family, as detailed in the pre-sentence report submitted to the court.

Notably, the deceased's spouse attested to her husband's robust health prior to the tragic incident, which unfolded while he was in the company of the convicted individuals.

Echoing the sentiments of the victim's family, the probation officer's report underscored their call for a substantial sentence, stressing the paramount importance of justice in this case.

With the sentencing scheduled for June 21, 2024, all eyes remain fixed on the Milimani High Court as it deliberates on the fate of the six convicted individuals in this high-profile murder case.

Guilty verdict

Judge Roselyne Korir on April 19, 2024, convicted Paul Wanaina Boiyo together with Thuo’s aide Christopher Andika alias Lumba, DJs Andrew Wainaina, Samuel Ngugi alias Visi, waiter Esther Mulinge and patron Ruth Irungu alias Atlanta after finding them guilty of killing former lawmaker at Porkies bar in Thika town on November 17, 2013, through poison known as Cyhalothrine pesticide.

Suspects in George Thuo murder case in court. PHOTO/X (@ODPP_KE)

"The poison (Cyhalothrine pesticide) would lead to death in five to 10 minutes once ingested into the body," the judge noted.

Justice Korir said that the poison which killed Thuo was traced in his liver, kidney and the shirt he wore on the fateful day.

In her judgement, Justice Korir stated that the Prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt that the six accused persons had a hand in the murder of Thuo.

"I find the evidence clearly shows Thuo consumed a poison-laced drink at Porkies Club," the Judge said, adding that the evidence presented by the State was not based on suspicion as claimed by the accused person.

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