Gatundu South: Kahuguini Boys students released to go home after protests

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On Thu, 2 Dec, 2021 09:44 | < 1 min read
Kilgoris: School function turns chaotic as students attack teacher, destroy property
A police vehicle. PHOTO/File.

Unrest in public schools is not yet over after a school in Gatundu South, Kiambu County went on a rampage destroying school property of unknown value.

The school management of Kahuguini boys was today forced to release all the students to go home after they started protesting.

The students, according to John Mutheki, the chief in charge of Kimunyu location, had written on the school's suggestion box that they would burn the entire institution if they will not be allowed to go home.

"All the students have been released after they threatened to burn the school. They had written a letter and dropped it at the school's suggestion box indicating that they will burn the school if not allowed to go home," said Mutheki.

The students are reported to have destroyed classrooms window panes, a sign that compelled the management to free the students before serious damage was done.

Top among reasons to demand to be allowed to go home is being mimicked by their fellow students in other schools for over-staying in school and failing to stamp their capability as "comrades".

"Students from other schools were calling their institution Kahuguini Girls to mean they are weak as they had not protested like them," Mutheki said.

The institution is only a few kilometres from Mururia and Muhuhu boys that went on rampage several weeks ago.

According to the chief, the students will resume their studies next week on a day he did not disclose.