‘Don’t drag me into 2032 election talks’ – Gachagua fires salvo at Kenya Kwanza leaders

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On Sun, 19 Nov, 2023 17:44 | 2 mins read
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua at a past event. PHOTO/(@RigathiGachagua)X

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has expressed his displeasure with some Kenya Kwanza leaders for discussing the 2032 general elections describing it as premature talks.

Speaking during a church service at Mt. Elgon Churches at Kopsiro, Gachagua explained that he didn't want any part in it as he was busy helping President William Ruto in turning around the country's economy.

The second in command highlighted the challenges the nation is currently facing economically and underscored the urgent need to focus on initiatives aimed at creating employment opportunities and attracting foreign investments.

"As a country, we are facing difficult times economically, the President and I are very busy working on the economic revival of this country, trying to create opportunities for employment, trying to look for foreign investment. I have heard that some of our leaders are talking about the 2032 general elections. Those are people who are lost. We are only one year in office, how can we discuss 2032; even 2027 is a premature debate,” he said.

Gachagua firmly distanced himself from such discussions and urged the Kenya Kwanza leaders to prioritize the economic transformation of the country over engaging in what he termed as "useless and unproductive debates about 2032."

"I do not want anyone to include me in such debates as I am busy helping the President revive the economy. We have no time to engage in useless and unproductive debates about 2032. It’s unnecessary and a misadventure. How do you know that you are going to be alive?" Gachagua emphasized.

He urged them to concentrate on urgent and pressing matters.

"I want to tell the leaders in Kenya Kwanza, let us focus on the economic transformation of this country. That is what is important right now. If there are those who want to engage in those debates, please don’t drag us into that nonsense."

Gachagua, Ruto same tune on future elections

Elsewhere while attending a church service in Sotik, Bomet County, Ruto also addressed discussions about the 2027 election, noting his lack of concern and emphasizing his commitment to the current term.

President Ruto reiterated that his primary objective at present is to implement effective policies aimed at transforming the nation and building a brighter future for upcoming generations.

"Kenya has stagnated for many years because of leaders focusing on their re-election... That's not my work. I am not planning on how to be re-elected. I am planning on how to transform the country," Ruto stated.

"We can not continue to focus on the next election, we must begin to focus on the next generation. That's how to change Kenya," he added.

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