Full speech: Alfred Mutua’s 2022 presidential launch bid

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On Sun, 6 Sep, 2020 17:16 | 7 mins read
Alfred Mutua
Maendeleo Chap Chap leader, Dr. Alfred Mutua, delivers his speech on Sunday, September 6, 2020, when he announced his presidential bid. PHOTO | COURTESY
Maendeleo Chap Chap leader, Dr. Alfred Mutua, delivers his speech on Sunday, September 6, 2020, when he announced his presidential bid. PHOTO | COURTESY

Fellow Kenyans,

This morning, millions of educated and hardworking youth woke up unemployed and broke and this evening they will go to bed still jobless and broke. Our women, our girls, our sisters, mothers will today still labour like donkeys and will be fetching water from dirty rivers, and some still giving birth on the sides of our roads like wild animals and sleeping hungry so that their children can eat a meal.

Sixty years after independence, the dream of a prosperous Kenya where no one is left behind, where hard work is rewarded FAIRLY and properly and where dreams come true, is still an illusion.

I am proud to be a Kenyan. Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya but I am troubled by what I view as a disconnect between where we should be and where we are.

Many good things have occurred in our country and I thank the leaders who have guided us up to where we are today. However, truth be told, Kenyans are tired of a system that has over the years let them down. Today, the truth is, Kenyans are FED UP. I am Fed Up and I know you are also FED UP.

Where did we go wrong? Why have other countries that were at par with and some even poorer than us not so long ago, such as Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and even Croatia, now way richer than us?

Kenya is a great country and God loves us but our style of politics and the way we chose leaders has made us continue to suffer. We have become a country of a few billionaires and millions of poor, struggling, unemployed and desperate people.

In the last one year, I have received visits and messages from Kenyans from all over our beautiful land. My Maendeleo Chap Chap Party members from all over Kenya and members of other political parties have told me Tumechoka.

Tumechoka na tamaaTumechoka na political arrogance, tumechoka kupangiwa kwa mistari ya ukabila huku wachache wakiiba. Tumechoka kuwa bila pesa na tumaini. Tumechoka na tunataka mabadiliko.

It is time for Kenya to usher in a NEW DISPENSATION = a new era – a new period of better leadership and life. We need a new way thinking, of doing things and a new type of leaders.

At independence, our parents, our freedom fighters, wept with joy as they watched our flag rise and that of the colonialists lowered. We were hopeful. We told ourselves, we will be rich, we will be developed, we will be happy.

However, the tears of joy at independence have become tears of pain and agony. Our eyes no longer sparkle with hope but are clouded with fear and confusion.

The Kenyan Computer has frozen. Computer ya Kenya IMEHANG and Kenya needs a reset – a reboot.

We need to start AFRESH. We need to change the way things are done and the way leaders serve. We need something new – A FRESH START - A FRESH MOVEMENT. If we don’t, fifty years from today we will be asking the same questions we are asking today while languishing in poverty as the rest of the world leaves us way behind.

I have agonized about the pain and the political circus going in our country. I have listened to the voices of Kenyans who have met me and prayed to God for a way to bring back HOPE to you and all Kenyans.

I, therefore, declare that in the General Elections of 2022, I, Alfred Nganga Mutua, will vie to be the next President of the Republic of Kenya so as to return Kenya to the RAILWAY TRACKS of where we were meant to be after independence. I am ready to press the reboot button. I am ready to give Kenya a new, fair, organized, caring, rich country of HAPPY people. I am ready to guide Kenya in making a FRESH START. I am ready to be YOUR SERVANT President and I humbly request you for your support.

When you support me, you will be supporting someone who is tried and tested.

I have been blessed to have both local and international experience and I understand the dynamics of governance and real development. I know what WORKS and what DOES NOT WORK in Kenya and I know how to change lives.

Kenya needs a young, dynamic, innovative but mature leader. A person who understands the system but is not a CAPTIVE of the system.


KENYANS WANT A DOER. We are tired of government plans that never get implemented.

As the President of Kenya, I will create 5 million jobs in the first three years.

I will build roads and highways in every constituency and maintain new ones to create an environment for growth.

Our education system will produce young and dynamic citizens who will find jobs waiting for them.

We will roll back poverty and restore dignity to all regardless of where you were born or your social or political dispensation.

I will eliminate bureaucracy, cut wastage and enable our business community to thrive in a predictable environment that rewards success not corruption.

Under my leadership, you will only require 14 days to get all your licenses and approvals to start your business.

Under my watch, politicians will never again steal public land and sell the same land back to Government.

Fellow Kenyans,

We cannot continue to have a cycle of election violence – every four years. We cannot continue with politics of mobilizing against other tribes. This must come to an end.
My politics are about mobilizing the economy and against POVERTY.


We cannot continue THE SHAME OF HUNGER in a country with so much food potential.


We cannot continue being a country where our cash crops no longer give farmers cash.


Kenyans want a Doer not a talker.

I assure you, Mambo yatakuwa FRESH na MUTUA.

Let me ask you a few personal questions.

  1. ARE YOU HAPPY with the way things are going in our country Kenya?
  2. Is Kenya a fair country where you are treated equal as you seek opportunities and jobs?
  3. Are you okay with your security and that of your family and friends?
  4. Are you happy with the selfish politics and the normal back and forth?

I bet you have answered NO to those questions.

This is because, to tell you the truth, things are not right and will NEVER be right unless we change the leaders who lead us.


We are at a cross road. The development and future of our lives lie in our hands. We cannot continue to be a country with so much brain power, so many human and physical resources, so many blessings by God but continue to suffer every day.

We need to start AFRESH.

We need a country of rule of law, of security where our mothers, sisters, daughters can walk in the middle of the night without fear of being raped or being killed.

We need to start AFRESH.

We need a country where we do not borrow to steal.

We need to start AFRESH.

Kenyans want a leader who does not have baggage, a leader who is not divisive, a leader who does not hold grudges, a leader who will move with all Kenyans despite their tribal, regional, economic and social status. A leader who wants everyone to make money and where you are rewarded. I am ready to be that Leader.


Recently while in Malindi, I was stopped by a Mzee Mokaya who as a parent has six children. All his children have degrees and diplomas – well educated. He has sacrificed his life to give them education. He has sold his land and everything he had to educate them. Despite his sacrifices as a parent, out of the six children, none is employed.

They are still depending on him.

Mzee Mokaya is confused and has been worried for a while but is becoming scared – scared if anything happens to him, there is no hope ahead of us in Kenya for his children and his family.

Every time he turns on the radio, watcesh TV and sees newspaper headlines, he sees the same people, same squabbling and general selfish confusion.

Mzee Mokaya’s life is not unique but is what millions are experiencing in Kenya.

With a FRESH MOVEMENT, There is no region in Kenya, that cannot be developed and cannot become an industrial and economic centre. We have the ability to put up factories and economic zones that will attract trillions of shillings. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.

Our Youth WE are the majority in our country, yet WE are the poorest and the most desperate. Kenya will not change unless you, each one of us, man, woman, single, married RISE UP and demand a FRESH Kenya. The FRESH MOVEMENT is for you and your parents who have suffered enough.

Why is it that youth your age in countries with fewer resources than Kenya, are driving cars, having a good life, while you here in Kenya are broke and jobless as some people steal your money and livelihood? DO NOT BE SPECTATORS AS YOUR LIFE IS SCREWED UP. You are a force to reckon with. You are the FRESH MOVEMENT, FOR FRESH THINKING AND FRESH ACTION.

Wacha Niwashow

Kenya sio ya MABAZUU wanaokaa kwa Kamati za Ufisadi wakisikiza RUMBA JAPANI Tukiwashow GRAPH yetu haina KIBALI – Hakuna Kazi, wana tuDISMISS - KALALE.

Sisi sio WAPENZI WATAZAMAJI, Maisha yetu sio ya BAHATI. Wakiuliza Wewe ni WANANI, tuwashow sisi ni wa YULE YULE Mama, Baba, Jamaa, Mrembo, Mtoto unempiga KIBOKO ya Mateso.

MASTING’O yenu yamefika kikomo.

Sasa ni wakati wa FRESH – Uwe Mukami au Mwikali, Susana au Katerina, Njeri au Lawino, Fatma au Wafula, wewe ni Mkenya. Dondoka – juu Mambo ni FRESH NA MUTUA.


Fellow Kenyans,

I wish to recognize and thank the leaders who have brought us this far. Thank you Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Thank you Daniel Arap Moi, Thank you Mwai Kibaki, Thank you Raila Odinga and Thank you Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. We respect you and appreciate your contributions.

Our independence heroes, you gave us political freedom and democracy. It is now time for economic freedom with ALFRED MUTUA, a safe pair of hands.

The message carried by the wind, from the northern town of Lokichogio to the Southern tip of Lunga Lunga, from the top of Mt. Kenya in Nanyuki and Meru to the Coastal beach of Malindi; from the forests of Kakamega to the plains of Ijaara, from the village home of Mzee Mokaya and his wife Kwamboka in Kisii, to my birth place of Machakos, Makueni and Kitui is that Kenya can be better than it is today and can be very very very rich but needs a FRESH MOVEMENT. I will travel across the country on LISTENING tours to enrich my bold VISION and to hear your ideas as I find out what you want me to do for you when by God’s Grace and your Vote, I will be the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya.


As we start AFRESH, Mungu Awabariki, God Bless You and God Bless Kenya.