From being DP to father-in-law; how Ruto and sons step out for rites of passage [VIDEO]

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On Fri, 28 May, 2021 15:10 | 3 mins read
From being DP to father-in-law; how Ruto and sons step out for rites of passage
Deputy President William Ruto with his sons during his daughter's wedding at Karen, Nairobi on Thursday, May 27.

Deputy President William Ruto’s daughter June Ruto wedded her Nigerian husband in a lavish ceremony that melted hearts and took the internet by storm.

Photos of the bride and her husband who were dressed in a satin gown and navy blue fitting suit charmed netizens who couldn’t stop sharing images of the wedding that took place on Thursday, May 27 at Karen, Nairobi.

Deputy President William Ruto and his wife Rachel Ruto walk their daughter June down the aisle on Thursday, May 27.

However, one photo attracted the attention of netizens who marvelled at the special bond and relationship Ruto shares with his sons.

In the photo, Kenya’s second in command is surrounded by his sons who can be seen adjusting their dad’s collar and tie, moments before Ruto walked June down the aisle.  

While Kenyans used the viral photo of Ruto and sons to reminisce about their own father, son moments, what many didn’t know is that the DP and his sons always share such moments before attending any major event.

In November 2017, K24 TV had the special opportunity of capturing the Deputy President and his family just before Ruto left for the swearing-in ceremony of President Uhuru Kenyatta and himself. 

In the file footage, Ruto is joined outside the door of his official residence by one of his sons who was dressed in a blue suit. 

Visibly satisfied by his son’s choice of dressing, Ruto then proceeded to check whether the collar button was well fastened before letting the young man loose.

“Let me help you with your tie so it doesn’t look odd,” Ruto tells his son who protests claiming that his tie was well fastened. But the DP like a loving father hears none of it and proceeds to help his son prepare for the big day.

Moments later, Ruto’s eldest son Nick Ruto steps out to the same reception from his father who checks his tie and collar to ensure the dressing is up to standard in accordance with the days’ activities. 

“What’s this dot on your tie?” Ruto asked Nick who told his father that the mark was simply a fashion design.