Four suspected robbers arrested for trailing woman with Ksh1.3 million withdrawn from banks

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 29 May, 2021 16:48 | 2 mins read

Fours suspected robbers, who were allegedly chasing a woman who had withdrawn money from a bank with an intention to steal from her, were arrested on Friday.

This is after a Nyahururu woman, who had withdrawn money, made a distress call to the police informing them of a suspicious gang of four trailing her and his son after leaving the bank.

She had left Equity bank after withdrawing part of the money and drove to Absa branch where she made another withdrawal.

"As I left Absa, I noticed a vehicle which I had seen at Equity was also at Absa," said the lady who only gave her name as Muthoni.

The lady is said to be in possession of Ksh1.3 million at the time he was being trailed.

She said the vehicle tried to block them as she neared her home in one of the estates in the town.

"I told my son to make a u-turn and drive back towards town. The suspicious vehicle tried to block us but my son was quick to turn and drive off, " she said.

The suspects, however, kept following them.

On the way to town, they detoured to Laikipia University a move that cornered the suspected thugs as they couldn't trace them.

"Because they did not know where we had disappeared to, we saw the vehicle make a u-turn and head back to town. We contacted police and gave details of the car," she said.

Police swung into action and successfully intercepted the car which was heading to Nyahururu town.

An eyewitness said two shots were fired in the air after police intercepted the car forcing the four occupants to alight with their hands raised.

The vehicle was escorted to Nyahururu police station where the suspects were locked in.

The vehicle KCQ 913K (pictured) had two bags of charcoal, several bags of clothes and two electric iron boxes.

Nyahururu sub-county deputy police commander, Moffat Mang'era said it appeared the gang was aware that the lady was to make withdraw large sums of money on the particular day.

Last week, police say a man lost Sh170,000 to robbers who trailed him after withdrawing the money from a local bank.

 Mang'era urged those visiting banks for the transaction to be reporting any suspicious people hanging around the financial institutions.