Former councillors demand Sh18bn send-off payout fast-tracked

By Wangari Njuguna On Sun, 22 Sep, 2019 18:37 | 2 mins read
Samuel Magambo
The Kenya Former Councillors Association National Coordinator Samuel Magambo during a press briefing in Murang'a. PHOTO | WANGARI NJUGUNA | PD
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    An eight-member team was formed to establish the number of former councillors and former to pay them. Kenya Former Councillors Association wants the task force to hasten submitting their report so that the former councilmen can get their dues.  

The Kenya Former Councillors Association wants the government to fast-track payment of Sh18 billion send-off gratuity.

The councillors claim that since the Senate committee on Labour and Social Welfare approved their multi-billion deal they are yet to receive the money.

This was to translate into Sh1.5 million send-off package and a monthly stipend of Sh30,000 for each of at the least 12, 000 former councillors.

Led by their national coordinator Samuel Magambo, the councilors claimed that the national government has neglected them.

 Magambo said most of the leaders are wallowing in abject poverty and others have died still waiting to receive the cash.

Speaking during a meeting in Murang’a over the weekend, Magambo said he does not understand why members of Parliament and top political leaders get their money immediately after quitting office but councilors are forced to fight for theirs.

“The MPs got their package of Sh10 million, why can’t we be given ours as well?” he asked.

He also urged the task force which was formed to look into the matter to hasten to submit their findings.

The eight-member team was tasked with establishing the number of former councilors and establish a formula on how they will be paid.

“Once through with its work the task force shall submit its findings to the Senate and National Assembly and hopefully they shall approve it so that we can be given our dues,” he said.

Magambo said the association has gone round in 40 counties to compile the register of the members and they hope to have the national figure in two weeks’ time.

“We are organizing a national delegates forum on October 17, 2019, and here we shall be able to discuss other pertinent issues regarding our welfare,” said the former councilor.

He said councillors laid the foundation for the devolved units in the country and thus their efforts should be rewarded.

“Most of the facilities being used by the county governments were constructed by us despite having limited resources, and it’s would only be fair if we are appreciated for that,” he said.

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