Flash floods wreak h***c in Wajir, ki*l 700 livestock

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On Tue, 3 May, 2022 16:28 | 2 mins read
A farmer counting losses after flash floods killed his livestock in Wajir. PHOTO/Courtesy
A farmer counting losses after flash floods killed his livestock in Wajir. PHOTO/Courtesy

Heavy rains in Wajir County have killed over 700 livestock and displaced hundreds of residents.

According to Hadado Location Chief Rashid Garad, hundreds of sheep and goats were swept away on Sunday after a heavy downpour.

“The animals were weak from the prolonged drought. Most of them were swept away by the water while others died after being rained on all night and couldn’t handle the long cold night. In total, Wajir has lost over 700 livestock since the rains began,” Garad said.

Garad said the rains were well received in all the six sub-counties, but Wajir West and Wajir South were affected by heavy downpours leading to floods that killed dozens of livestock.

Garad is among those who were affected by the rains after losing more than 30 sheep and goats.

"My wife tried to lit fire to keep those that survived alive," Garad added.

Chief calls for help after floods destroy homes, livestock

The chief called on the national and county government and humanitarian organizations to come to the aid of tens of residents who have been affected by the flash floods as livestock has been their only source of livelihood.

Another Wajir resident, Kassim Shale, had his homestead and livestock swept away by the raging floods.

“I have lost everything. I lost my livestock and my family has nowhere to sleep now. I'm asking for help,” Kassim said.

Hadado Member of County Assembly Shale Bulle confirmed there were no human casualties due to the prolonged drought and now heavy rains.

“We are grateful for the rains after a long period of drought, but this came at a cost over 700 livestock that was killed by the flash floods, and several homesteads destroyed. These people depend on livestock as their source of livelihood," Shale said.

He added: "We have called on both the national and county governments especially the department of disaster and NGOs and other well-wishers and we hope they are going to intervene and come to the aid of these people."

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