Female cop arrested after allegedly shooting, injuring her lover in Migori

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On Sun, 3 Jul, 2022 20:11 | 2 mins read
Cop arrested in Migori for shooting lover
Handcuffs. PHOTO/Internet

A female police officer has been arrested for attempted murder after she allegedly shot and seriously injured her lover in Kehancha, Migori County on Sunday, July 3, 2022.

Corporal Hellen Nkuwan Lochuch, attached to the Migori Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), is said to have shot Chacha Motatiro on the thigh inside a guest room where they had gone to spend the night.

Migori police confirm

A police report seen by K24 Digital indicates that before the officer shot her lover, the detective had earlier caused a commotion at another bar where she fired in the air once. However, the victim, oblivious of the potential danger, still went to a room about 500 metres away with the armed girlfriend where he was later shot.

“They had come to Kehancha for refreshments. They then came out of the bar where a commotion ensued about 50 metres away. The officer shot in the air but the situation was later contained by the bar owner and other revelers,” police said.

The two then left the scene and proceeded to Samaritan Guest House, about 500 metres away.

“The two lovebirds then proceeded to the guest house. A gunshot was later heard from their room and the security guard raised alarm,” the police report read in part.

The shooting took place on Sunday morning at around 3:30 am.

The victim was rushed to the hospital where doctors said the bullet entered the right thigh and exited on the left.

“Police officers from Kehancha police station and DCI Kuria West proceeded to the scene and established that the armed officer had escorted the victim to Mother and Child Hospital. Officers managed to cordon off the hospital and later managed to disarm and arrest the officer,” police said.

A senior police officer confirmed the incident and said investigations are ongoing.

“She was arrested and escorted to Kehancha police station for lawful custody and booked in for the offence of attempted murder,” the police added

“A search party recovered one empty cartridge outside the bar and another one in the guest house. They will be subjected to ballistic analysis."

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