68-year-old man celebrates two years of good health after receiving kidney from son

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On Tue, 10 Aug, 2021 15:53 | 2 mins read
Kidney story
Charles Muhia and his son Moffat Muhia during their three months stay in India; PHOTO/ BENSON MBARE
Charles Muhia and his son Moffat Muhia during their three months stay in India; PHOTO/ BENSON MBARE

When Moffat Muhia shared a photo of him and his doting father Charles Muhia on social media while sun-basking, he could not afford but reminisce the tough journey that has brought them to this day.

Moffatt’s photo marked exactly two years since he donated one of his two kidneys to his then 66-year-old father in a lifesaving kidney transplant in 2019.

‘’It was an emotional visit for my father and I. A special moment coming together to celebrate two years since the miraculous transplant and being able to donate to my dad," Moffat told K24 Digital.

Muhia was first diagnosed with kidney disease in 2016, and the disease had completely drained him financially after his condition forced him to quit his lucrative job.

As he tried confronting diabetes, he found that a medical condition had led to another, affecting his kidneys

Having being treated at the Nairobi West Hospital with no progress, Muhia and his family decided to fly to India for further treatment.

Later, Muhia and his son Moffat underwent transplant surgery at the Indiana Hospital and Heart Institute in India.

Fast-forward, it has been two years of less pain and noticeable improvements in Muhia's health with much-improved urine flow and no skin itches following the successful surgery.

"I'm now in good health. In fact, I've resumed my normal duties at home and at work," Muhia narrated to K24 Digital.

However, despite Muhia continuously joking about how his Kidney is just half of his age given his son is 30 years old, he is not out of the woods yet since he was prescribed a lifetime drug that costs him ksh30,000 for a single drug.

"My son was devastated watching me go through dialysis every day. Since God has been faithful enough for good health the only task that remains is the medication part of it," Muhia said.

On his part, Moffat is now advocating for people to donate body organs in a bid to save lives.

While his son is advocating for like-minded people to take the leap of faith, Muhia is grateful for the doctors and all those who came out to offer a helping hand to ensure the two years he has lived with no dialysis have been worthwhile.

‘’This was a life-changing gift my eldest son gave to me and two years down the line, the progress so far phenomenal. Honestly, it’s a story of God’s grace," he concluded.