Farmers in Naivasha protest quarrying in the area that affect farming

By K24Tv Team On Fri, 19 Jul, 2019 09:00 | 2 mins read
Farmers protest quarries upsurge.
Kirera Mwiti @PeopleDailyKe

Farmers in Naivasha are up in arms over increased quarrying in the area, which they say has affected farming, damaged roads, and cut off electricity supply.

Good Faith village residents claimed they face displacement and food shortage if expansion of the quarries is not contained.

This emerged when more than 100 grannies held a peaceful demonstration next to one of the quarries, and accused some traders of working with government officials to oppress them.

Rachel Kariuki, a farmer, said one of the main roads had already been cut off by quarry activities, adding that they had engaged various government agencies such as Kenya Urban Roads Authority  and Kenya Rural Roads Authority but were referred to Nakuru County government.

“A developer has cut off the main road leaving tens of families unable to access their farms,” she said.

Bleak future 

“Kenya Power cannot connect more homes to electricity due to the quarries and ferrying agriculture produce to the market is a major challenge,” she added.

Mary Wangeci, who has lived in the village since 1970,  said the quarries were taking over arable land adversely affecting food production.

She said the issue had been raised with various government agencies but no action had been taken leaving them staring at a bleak future.

“We have survived for years through farming but we are deeply worried by the quarries, which are slowly being pushed into our farms and homes,” she said.

A local elder Stephen Mwangi said one man died after falling into an unmanned quarry in the area. He urged relevant authorities to act.

A site visit by People Daily established that mining of construction materials was rampant in the area despite the residents’ concerns.

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