Murang’a: Family appeals for help to bring back daughter from Saudi Arabia

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On Tue, 20 Dec, 2022 17:28 | 2 mins read

A family from Kambirwa in Kiharu, Murang'a County is seeking for government's intervention to help bring back their daughter who is sick and stuck in Saudi Arabia.

Lucy Wambui left home in May this year in pursuit of greener pastures after she got a job opportunity in Saudi.

Her intention was to support her single mother and her siblings through the money she would make.

However, her dream was short lived as she fell sick and admitted in a hospital thousands of miles away from home.

Wambui reportedly contracted unknown stomach ailment which has seen her undergo three operations but the cause is yet to be known.

Her video clips went viral on social media as she appealed for help to be brought back home.

Margaret Njoki, Wambui's mother says the daughter left home in perfect health and full of energy but her current state of health worries them.

Family seeks help

The mother says Wambui fell ill towards end of November and she was admitted in hospital for treatment but her condition kept deteriorating.

The family has been having sleepless nights trying to figure out how they can have their daughter back home.

Lucy Wambui left home in May this year in pursuit of greener pastures after she got a job opportunity in Saudi. PHOTO/Wangari Njuguna

"The video we saw of her lying on hospital bed is very disturbing because she appears to be in pain," said the emotional mother.

"I want my daughter to come back home so that we can take care of her," she added.

Njoki says Wambui's employer is demanding for Ksh450,000 before she releases her this being the balance of the Ksh600, 000 which has been paid to the agent.

"Am worried because they might even say we pay the hospital bill and we are not in a position to raise such huge amounts of money" said the mother.

"I am appealing to the government to help bring my daughter back home I don't want her to die in a foreign country," she added.

Sarah Njeri, Wambui's cousin, who has been in constant communication with her, said her employer was not willing to take her to hospital until they sought the intervention through Saudi Arabia Embassy in Nairobi.

Njeri said Wambui told her the doctors did not establish what was ailing her even after running several medical tests.

"There was a time she was admitted in the ICU but she regained consciousness days after," said Njeri.

The family is keeping their fingers crossed that help will come through for their daughter to be brought back home safely.

Monica Nyambura, sister to Wambui said they have tried tracing the agent who took her to Saudi to no avail.

She said they have sought help from the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Nairobi and Ministry of Foreign Affairs but no help has been forthcoming.

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