Family seeking justice after daughter mysteriously dies, reportedly cremated in US

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 20 Jan, 2022 15:27 | 2 mins read
Former Kameme FM radio presenter Jedidah Wambui Weru. PHOTO/COURTESY

The family of former Kameme FM radio presenter Jedidah Wambui Weru who died in the US late last year is demanding justice for her death.

The family now claims that their daughter who was commonly referred to as Mima died in a suspected domestic violence case with her husband.

The deceased is said to have moved to the US in 2018 where she secured a job at a Community Health Department in Seattle, United States.

Two years after living in the country, she reportedly got married to a white man, a marriage the family claims was done in secrecy.

“The marriage was very secretive that we did not even know who the man was,” Florence Wanjiru, Wambui's sister told a local media outlet.

The family further revealed that things started going south for their daughter after getting into the marriage. At the time, they said, their daughter started limiting her communication with them.

Wanjiru revealed that she suspected that the estranged husband would sometimes confiscate her phone.

The deceased's daughter, Esther Nyawira says her mother could be instructed by the husband to only communicate in English, a language he would understand.

“He always issued orders that we speak in English,” Nyawira said.

The family revealed that they last heard from Wambui on December 22 when she called home to wish her family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

They said that it is a friend who lived in the US who later called them and informed them that things were not okay between Wambui and her husband and that she had been admitted to a hospital.

Efforts to reach her to inquire about her condition bore no fruits as she neither answered calls nor responded to their calls and messages.

A few days after the incident, the man reportedly informed them that their daughter had died and that he was willing to send ashes of her body to Kenya.

“I tried to ask him to allow me to travel to the US and see where she was living but he refused,” Nyawira said.

The family is now asking Kenyans in Seattle to assist them to get justice over the death.