Family of Nyamira couple found dead reveals unknown man visited house moments before death

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On Thu, 23 Mar, 2023 15:38 | 2 mins read
Officers posing as hawkers nab prime suspect behind murder of US-based Nyamira couple
US couple murdered in Nyamira. PHOTO/Courtesy

Fresh details regarding the murder of a Nyamira couple found dead three months after they had returned from the US have emerged.

The family of the deceased, Edward Morema, 63, and Grace Morema, 60, who were found lying in a pool of blood, recounted that an unknown man visited the couple prior to their demise.

Led by the grandson Samuel Matundura, the family says the couple was visited by a familiar man who spent the night at their home. Matundura added the three dined together as the househelp retired to bed.

He also revealed that he had called his grandfather to know how they were fairing. The two had agreed to meet the next day.

When Matundura called his grandfather the next day, his phone was switched off. He subsequently sent a young girl to inquire about what had transpired.

“We talked and we agreed to meet the following day. He had been in Western Kenya for some construction activities and he had just returned home. So I wanted to know how they were doing,” Matundura recalled.

The young girl met a newly recruited house help who told her that the couple was still sleeping.

After being informed that the couple was still asleep, Matundura headed to the house to confirm.

Upon his arrival at the couple's bedroom, the young man was shocked to see the lifeless body of his grandmother lying in a bloody puddle with her hands tied to the back using a binding wire.

She was lying on one of the beds with her throat slit after being smothered.

His grandfather on the other hand was found in the garage. He had also suffered the same fate as his grandmother but had knife cuts on the body.

Police investigating the murder have so far arrested the househelp and the farmhand whose house is a few metres from his main house.

Masaba North Deputy Police Commander Robert Ndambiri noted that they suspect that the couple was subjected to torture first before being killed.

"It seems the killers first captured them, tied their hands and gagged their mouths so that they could not scream for help. We think they died as a result of excessive bleeding," he stated.

Suspicions are however rife that the unknown visitor may have had a hand in the murder of the elderly couple given the fact that no door had been broken and the main gate had remained intact.

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