Gatundu North family cries for help to combat upsetting jigger infestation

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On Tue, 28 May, 2024 19:00 | 2 mins read
Magdaline Wanjiru, mother to Clement Kinyanjui washes his jigger-infested legs at their home in Magumu village, Gatundu North Constituency. Photos/Mathew Ndung'u

A family at Magumu village in Gatundu North is crying for help after a jigger infestation hit and ruined their operations.

Bearing the brunt is Clement Kinyanjui, a middle-aged man who has been incapacitated from going about his daily economic activities as the fleas have invaded both his hands and legs thereby making him unable to walk or use them.

His parents Edward Mburu and Magdaline Wanjiru decried that their family has known no peace for months now due to the ravaging parasitic insects which have wreaked havoc at their homestead worsening their livelihoods.

According to them, Kinyanjui can only limp around their homestead without peace as the bloodsuckers have not only been according to him excruciating pain, irritation and restlessness but have also weakened his health.

Trouble, they say, began about two years ago when he returned home from Thika where he was serving as a public service vehicle (PSV) driver.

“He used to work as a matatu driver along Garissa Road and would ferry people from Thika to Ukambani. He returned home one day and lit his official driving license and started living with us. After some time, he became dirty and would stay for days without washing his body and that is when we realized that all was unwell,” troubled Mburu said while outside his derelict house.

He revealed that he, alongside his wife, have tried to medically help their son out of the mess in vain.

Quite often, Mburu revealed that well-wishers donate their medication to reduce irritation of the jiggers but they hardly flee from their son’s legs and hands.

The situation becomes worse during sunny weather as the fleas reproduce and spread more sparing no one in the family.

As a result, Kinjanyui is no longer able to go about his economic activities and spends most of his time scratching himself and trying to remove them.

Kinyanjui’s walking style has changed as he now hobbles due to aggravated inflammation, swollen limbs, and ulceration among other ailments.

His mother Wanjiru revealed that they have been trying to eliminate the insects using vehicle oil but the intervention has only been serving as a temporary solution to the menace.

“My son has suffered both physical and psychological pain. He was upright when he returned home about two years ago but his health has continued to deteriorate by day,” Wanjiru told journalists.

Kinyanjui is among tens of other people from Magumu and Gwa Kimori villages who are grappling with a similar problem that has continued to deny them peace.

The family called on local leaders to provide them with quality and lasting solutions to the menace and urged well-wishers to help eradicate the problem and avert more health complications among residents.

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