Man impersonating EACC investigator nabbed at Quiver Lounge

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 27 Nov, 2022 10:34 | 2 mins read
Man pretending to be EACC investigator nabbed
Ibrahim Ngamau Wangari who was arrested for impersonating EACC officer. PHOTO/Courtesy

A man impersonating Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) investigator was on Friday, November 25 arrested at Quiver lounge along Thika road by cops.

Reports indicate that the man identified as Ibrahim Ngamau Wangari was pulled over at the lounge by undercover EACC officers after a successful stage-managed trap between his 'victim' and the cops.

It all began when Ngamau approached a miller who had been enlisted by the government to supply subsidized maize flour just before the August 2022 general election claiming to be an investigative cop investigating a case involving an 'irregular' supply of subsidized maize flour.

He claimed the complainant was a suspect in the case but promised to free him at a fee.

The fake cop would later ask the miller to record a statement at EACC headquarters in Nairobi on November 25, 2022, but later changed the venue to Quiver's Lounge.

This became suspicious and the miller reported the matter to EACC.

"Ngamau started calling the complainant on November 21, 2022, informing him that he was conducting investigations in the Ministry of Agriculture relating to the supply of subsidized maize flour," a source told a local news outlet.


"He promised the complainant that in addition to ensuring that there will be no adverse findings touching on the complainant, Ngamau would also assist the complainant to get any outstanding payment from the Ministry of Agriculture in exchange for an amount of money they would agree on in a meeting."

The miller was required to present all the documents that he used to supply the subsidized maize flour including a tax compliance certificate, audit reports and bank account statements from January 2022 for inspection.

"The Complainant compiled the ‘required’ documents and when he was on his way to Integrity Centre, the suspect called and changed the venue to Quivers Lounge which he termed as convenient for their discussion on how the suspect would assist the complainant," the source stated.

"In the meeting, they were to negotiate the amount the complainant would pay for protection from investigations as well as assistance to get his payment from the Ministry of Agriculture. Unknown to the suspect, the complainant had already reported the matter to EACC."

Ngamau was nabbed at the entertainment joint as he waited for the miller and is currently being held at Kilimani Police Station awaiting further legal action.