Eric Omondi shows off Ksh3 million after Ezekiel Mutua allegedly called him poor

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 17 Jul, 2021 07:41 | 2 mins read
Eric Omondi shows of wad of notes. PHOTO: Courtesy

An online war of words between Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) Chair Ezekiel Mutua and popular comedian Eric Omondi continues to intensify each passing day.

On Friday, the self-christened President of Comedy in Africa shared video footage of him castigating the KFCB boss for allegedly calling Kenya artists poor and just mere beggars.

Appearing agitated by the alleged remarks, Omondi took to his social media handle to prove a point by showing off a wad of notes totalling about Ksh3 million spread on the bed and the surface of a room where he seemingly spent his night in Tanzania.

According to the former Churchill Show comedian, the amount, which was in Tanzanian currency, is a proceed of only one show that he is set to perform in Tanzania.

“Ezekiel Mutua, this is how Ksh3 million looks like. Nimesikia umesema wasanii ni maskini, nimesikia umesema talanta hailipi, nimesikia umesema wasanii ni omba omba; ni beggars (I have heard you have said artists are poor, I have heard that you said talent does not pay, I have heard you said artists are just mere beggars),” he says in the video.

And then adds: “This is genuine sweat and blood, genuine God-given talent. You will not discourage our young generation of talents; you will not discourage our brothers and sisters; talent pays in this age”.

Omondi further told off the KFCB boss for his alleged remarks saying the young generation of talents must be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

He says the profession pays a lot contrary to the popular belief being peddled by people who have no knowledge of the sector.

“This is one show that I am doing in Tanzania talents pays and you have to encourage young people to discover and nature their talent,” Omondi said.

Prior to that, Mutua had apologized to Omondi for calling him poor.

“Alaaar. . .Eti Erico ali-catch feelings nilioposema yeye ni maskini? Oooh…Kwa hivyo yeye si maskini? Ni tajiri eeh? Tajiri mkubwa? Tena President wa Comedy? Baasi… Nimekubali.Mwambie nimesema pole,” he wrote on Facebook.